Spotify App on Samsung TV

Spotify App on Samsung TV




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 Yesterday morning the Spotify App decided not to load on the TV, after months of working perfectly.

Have done the following so far try and rectify:

Rebooted the TV, a few times.

Rebooted the router, a few times(Wifi connection to the TV)

Re-installed the Spotify app on the TV, twice.


It just does not seem to load, I have attached a pic of how far it gets.

All my other devices work fine, PC and Android using the account.


If anybody has some had similar experience or can provide some technical guidance, it would be really appreciated!



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I have the same issue with my TV.


Tried to reinstall, factory settings to TV and nothing happens.


Can anyway help?




This is what I tried, seems to be successful now .

Forget current WiFi, made a hotspot with my phone, connect the TV to the hotspot .Start Spotify (which worked 1st time) while the app is open change the WiFi settings back to original router. 

It took 3 attempts like this and the app worked fine over the original network. Each time I forgot the original network so had to reconnect with the password. 


This is what helped me, hope you are also successful!!



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