Spotify Application ID on Gear Fit 2

Spotify Application ID on Gear Fit 2



I am trying to get a custom watch face running for my own pleasure and I am using a Tizen powered Samsung Gear Fit 2.

I really want to make a Spotify logo on my watch face, so that I can tap to run the Spotify app on the watch.

The problem I am having is I need the application ID which I can't find online.


I have tried:


Which I believe is the app id for Gear S2/S3 watches but is not the case for the Gear Fit 2.

If anyone knows what the app id is, I would really like to know.

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Were you ever able to locate the correct App ID for Spotify on the Gear Fit 2?




This worked for me. I have a Gear Fit 2 Pro. It appears that adding "-fit" at the end is required for certain applications. A similar odd app ID is Timer app Id, which is

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