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Spotify Artist Payment Method

Spotify Artist Payment Method


So im gonna upload my music on this platform as playlist, it follows all the requirement, 1. No Copyrighted Material ( All original, The kit and all such thing was free to used and spread through the internet ), 2. It is Unreleased song, 3. There is no Hate Speech and Explicit content ( Theres a lil bit of F word there, Im sorry if i offend you but, if we use common sense who doesnt swear ). And im gonna upload it as a Indenpendent Music artist.

My question is :

1. How does Spotify Payment works

2. What card do you guys accept as a payment method for your music artist, and do you guys accept paypal

3. If i upload my music here, do i use the regular spotify app or is there any other way ( If there is please teach me and if you can please send a video explaining how for better understanding )

4. If there is another requirement to upload music on spotify please just explain it

5. Do i need a special email to upload my music here or Gmail is enough

6. Do i need a Record label as a tiny music creator or just wait for thing get bigger and then i sign a contract or such thing.

Sorry if my post or word offend you, Thanks for reading my post, Hope yall get a great day -Nathan

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Hey there @NathanChloe !


You can reach out the support through here and ask your questions. Hope it helps 🙂


Have a nice day!

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