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Spotify Can't Play to Sonos Speaker (Android)

Spotify Can't Play to Sonos Speaker (Android)

Plan : Premium Family

Android: version 9

Device: Huawei Mate 20 HMA-AL00

Country: AU

Sonos App: 10.6

Spotify Mobile App:




I recently signed up with spotify and want to play songs to my Sonos speakers. Sonos device does show up in "Connect to a device" list. However when I click to connect, it shows "connecting" for a while and then nothing happens.

I have checked a few things for the problem:

- Uninstalled and reinstalled both Sonos and Spotify

- Checked Spotify has grant access to "Sonos" app in Approved Apps

None of these helps.


I don't have problem to play music from Sonos app to the speakers.

I had no problem to play songs to Sonos from google music app before.

I had also tried adding Spotify as music service in Sonos app, but Spotify is not on the service list at ll.


You may find the app versions above. Can anyone help or share experience?



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