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Spotify CarPlay app only showing my 5 most recent albums

Spotify CarPlay app only showing my 5 most recent albums

I am connecting my iPhone 11 (OS 14.2) to CarPlay.  The issue I have  is that when open Spotify it only shows 5 albums. I have many times this number in my Library.  I think what it is showing my 5 more recently added albums.  (And just 2 artists). On the phone itself My Library shows correctly.  I can actually select an album on my phone sand it will play via CarPlay, but after this it does not appear in the list.  The are plenty of categories I can choose between, but these are not the ones i have actually put into my Library.


It wasn't always like this, I am sure I used to get a complete list to choose between but no longer.  I cannot say how recently this changed - we have just come out of a long lock down during which I hardly used the car.


Is this just something I have missed - a setting somewhere?  Any help would be appreciated!

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An update. After 2 days the "My Library" tab cam back and worked. A day later it vanished again. Yesterday and today it reappeared. This makes little sense to me!

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