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[Spotify Connect] Daily Mix doesn't load more songs

[Spotify Connect] Daily Mix doesn't load more songs




Slovakia / Germany 


Yamaha RX-V583, Samsung Glaxy S9+, Desktop

Operating System

Android Oreo, Windows 7


My Question or Issue

I have recently noticed a problem with Daily Mix playlists. On my Android device or on Desktop it loads more songs after the last song gets played.
Playing localPlaying local
As soon as I connect to my Yamaha Receiver RX-V583, the list gets smaller - just about 10 songs are left. All further songs just dissapear from the list!
Playing on Yamaha ReceiverPlaying on Yamaha Receiver
And after that no more songs are loaded. After last song it just stops playing. It's not endless at all.
This happens only if I connect to my Yamaha Receiver! If I switch back to play local, more songs are loaded again (no need to restart the Spotify Desktop app).

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Hey @Micho999, help's here. 


Daily Mixes should work with the Connect feature. Try restarting  your devices (and speaker/receiver), by unplugging it and plugging it back in.


After that, make sure that:

  • Your Spotify app is up-to-date. Here it's better to reinstall the app
  • All devices’ software are up-to-date. If you don't know, check with your devices manufacturer for how to update the version software.
  • If possible, try switching between different networks and see if that helps.

Let us know how it goes, and try different Daily Mixes in case they behave differently.


All the best!


Hello @Jemi,


Thanks for replying. Unfortunately proposed solution didn't help. 
Reinstalled Spotify Android app and Desktop app as well - because the same problem occurs on both platforms. Clean reinstall of course. But I have tried that as first before writing you.
Checked Yamaha RX-V583 Firmware and it's up to date (latest version is 2.59). I checked that too before I wrote you.
Restarted by unplugging - waited at least half a minute before plugging back.
Switched network, but that didn't help either.
All daily mixes behave the same regardless of what platform app I use.
What now?
EDIT: Just an info. This issue appeared recently. Daily mixes worked with my Yamaha receiver about one month ago. So not that it never worked. Something changed and my Yamaha receiver seems to not be able to handle it anymore.

Hey @Micho999


We'd like to have some more info about this. Can you try using the Connect feature with other speakers and see if the same thing happens?


Also, after the reinstall, what Spotify versions did you end up with on both your devices?


Keep us posted!






Unfortunately, I have no option right now how to test Spotify Connect with other Wi-Fi speakers.

However I was able to test my Yamaha receiver with other Spotify account on a different device (Samsung S7 - v8.4.57.803 armV7). Same effect.


My Spotify versions after reinstall:

  • Desktop
  • Samsung S9+

Hello @Jemi,


Some update from your side on this issue. Seems that nobody bothers anymore. Several Spotify app updates since then, but the issue is still there... 


Do you have info if other Yamaha RX-V583 owners have the same issue?



I have a very similar issue with my Yamaha RX-V683 using Spotify Connect initiated from my iPhone 8.


What I’ve found:

  • Daily Mix loads with a default initial list that is fairly short.
  • When looking at the Daily Mix song list, there is an option to load more songs at the bottom.
  • When playing, the song list is also viewable as the queue.
  • When playing from the phone, loading more songs also loss the extra songs to the queue.
  • When connected to the Yamaha via Spotify Connect, loading more songs from the Dailt Mix screen does NOT also load these songs to the queue - the queue remains the same.
  • If I start playing locally, load more songs in to the queue and THEN connect to the Yamaha via Spotify Connect, all songs in the queue are loaded.

It’s like connecting to Spotify Connect creates a snapshot of the queue at the time of connecting and that’s all it knows about.


pretty annoying, I got here because I was wondering why my Daily Mix was so short and didn’t load new songs. Now I know it’s because I was using Spotify Connect.


Anyone else getting this or anyone from Spotify working on a fix?

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