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Spotify Connect Denon 730AE Connection Loss

Spotify Connect Denon 730AE Connection Loss


I'm spotify user since few months and my spotify connect connection worked like a charm since October.

Today I can't anylonger play a song using spotify connect from my ipHon to my Denon 730AE.

I didn't change anything, I restored factory settings of my Denon without any success...


I'm running

  • the latest Denon firmware
  • The lastest iPhone spotify App
  • My denon is connected wire (not wifi)
  • Internet connect is very fast (fiber)


I'm unable to play a song correctly. I hear the song 2 seconds and then the song stop and then restanrt for 1 second etc...

What a shame... Does any one got a solution to fix this ?



Thanks very much.

Best regards,




NB. If no change within 10 days I'll be in position to cancel my spotify account.


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