Spotify Connect Keeps Defaulting to Max Volume


Spotify Connect Keeps Defaulting to Max Volume







Android, Alexa, Onkyo Reciever


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When trying to play music from my Spotify account on my Alexa's or Onkyo receiver the volume keeps turning itself to max. This has been happening for about a month. If I use Amazon music with the Alexa's it works fine. 


Happens regardless of if I tell Alexa to play "anything" from Spotify or if I use my phones Spotify app and select the Alexa device or even the Computer app and select an amazon device. 


I have tried to force all Spotify sessions to log out in settings and try again and nothing changes. The moment I tell my phone or computer app to go back and not use connect the volume slider works. Connect to a device and immediately it goes to 100% volume again. Turn it down via the app, voice, or buttons on the Alexa or Onkyo and it goes right back to 100% volume. 

Again, for clarification.... I can close out of and force logout of all spotify programs, reconnect Alexa and Spotify in the Alexa app, tell Alexa to play any song from spotify and boom, volume is 100% and cant be turned down. Same for the Onkyo but I dont test it on there as I dont want to blow my speakers....


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When connecting to certain Spotify Connect devices, you'll need to be sure that you are able to adjust the speakers output volume and turn it down if needed. You won't need to worry about the volume in your mobile device.


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


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This doesn't help at all.

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I think I just blew my tweeters in both my speakers because after resuming playing a song via Spotify Connect from PC, it set the volume to 100%, instead of the 1/4th of the slider I previously had.
This has happened before too and it sucks that I might have two broken speakers now. I need to get them checked..