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Spotify Connect Multiroom?

Spotify Connect Multiroom?



is anybody using a multi room system with Spotify Connect and can share some positive or negative experience? E.g. such as the Samsung WAM550 or WAM750.



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Thanks for the post, been having the exact problem, all the time. Driving me nuts. I'll try your fix next time it freaks out

Firmware 3022.0/80r of samsung multiroom seems to fix many problems , still drains my phones batttery though

I haven't used it for a few weeks I must admit, but whenever I used to try Spotify connect to any of my Samsung M3 speakers, it would play maybe a song, possibly two, then would seemingly nute the music. Pressing the mute button on the speaker would turn it back up.

Does anyone know if this is still happening, or how to fix it? None of my speakers are in groups.

try a firmware update, I havent had this problem since 3020 (latest current is 3022)

Any advice on the firmware update. I tried to do this recently, downloaded the file and put it on a new usb but when i plug it in nothing happens. had the exact same issue when i tried to update my sound bar. Tried a few different usb's but no success

you can check and update the current firmware version in the multiroom app (at least in the android version). You can also force an update by either holding radio or mute on the speaker (forgot which one, but it is one or the other, holding them both factory resets the speaker) itself 

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