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Spotify Connect - Windows Phone

Spotify Connect - Windows Phone


Just updated to version 3.0.5246.30620 on my Windows Phone (preview 8.1).

But I can't find any Spotify Connect functionality.

Will it be released later?


Best Regards Marcus Lovenstad

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I would assume so (but when that update will be I wouldn't want to put money on), Spotify Connect is still listed as iOS and android only at the minute.

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Please add this feature to windows phone 8. I used to have a samsung android phone and that was able to just fine, it is invaluable feature for me.


Thank you.

I also would like to know why this feature isn't available on Windows Phone?


Especially as it says this on the Connect page...




Any phone, unless you have a Windows Phone apparently...

Sorry to necro(ish) a thread, but has there been any update to this? I just got a Nokia Lumia Icon and dearly miss this functionality from my Samsung GS3. Even if it's not fully polished yet, can we get a beta version to test? I already had to dev unlock my phone just to get Cortana, so I (and others, I'm sure) would be very happy if we could get this truly awesome feature on the Windows Phone platform.

Hey there.


Award winning artist here.


Currently there is no updated to it. WP was always most outdated Spotify app.


Nothing really is changing in near future...



seriously Spotify as a windows 8 phone user and a full subscription, no connect function 


hang your head in shame



Yes! Please Add this. Without this i don't pay for spotify.

At the moment i using xbox Music. Its better!!

Any news? Is this going to be released ever? Or are there a possible work around?

A few days ago I bought Premium for this exact feature. Imagine my surprise when I could not find the functionality
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Desperately waiting for the connect feature too!

PLEASE add spotify connect to Windows phone app.

I have spotify premium (and family subscription) for more then 2 year. And I wait 2 year for this small (frome code point of view) feature.

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