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Spotify Connect Yamaha firmware update question

Spotify Connect Yamaha firmware update question

I just received an email from Spotify instructing me to upgrade the firmware on my Yamaha receiver because:


"We are upgrading the Spotify app in your device so you can listen to Spotify through your speakers and use the Spotify app on your phone, tablet or desktop as a remote control."


I have a Yamaha RX-V675 which already has Spotify Connect so I can already do what is described above. I don't understand why I need to update my firmware. Am I missing something? What exactly is changing in the firmware update? 

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Had this message as well, emailed Yamaha and this is what i got.



Our engineering dept will have a firmware update later this month - they have said users should expect no drop in service at all as the firmware will be made available before the API is reconfigured on Spotify's end.



Not sure what it means but good they're still pumping out updates for our reciever. 

I had the same message too for my Yamaha HTR-6067. So far I haven't seen any updated firmware so am starting to wonder if it will come this month.


In the meantime, it continues to work with Spotify.

I had the same message email too, for CRX-N560D.
Just today (22 December) I had this message "New firmware, please update" on the device, but after the update (successfully completed) the connection with Spotify doesn't work anymore. The app on a netbook / smartphone can't see the Yamaha device.



Be careful: I updated the firmware just today and the connection doesn't work anymore.
I asked to spotifycare via twitter, and the feedback was this:
"As we look to improve the overall Spotify experience, we've removed the app's integration from Yamaha. "
I assume that I'll can't use my Yamaha with Spotify anymore...
As I buy this Yamaha just for Spotify integration, I think I'll delete my premium account on Spotify!

Surely that can't be right - their reply doesn't make sense in any way. Are there any release notes that come with the firmware update?

I agree with You, this have not sense at all.

I hope Spotify solve this big issue, but please check this link:


Update: the last feedback from SpotifyCares on Twitter stated:
"Thanks for clarifying. Don't worry, we're passing on all feedback about this. Hopefully we'll have a better app for Yamaha in the future."
I think I'll delete the premium account if they don't solve in days...


Your model is listed in that link, implying that it is getting new firmware so that it will work with Spotify. It might be worth following up with Yamaha too.

I updated the firmware on my yamaha receiver (rx-s600) a couple of days ago. Because it was there (1.21 version).

And since then I cannot connect with my Yamaha receiver anymore!!! I tried everything: restarting modem/router, again downloading the firmware (now by USB), put the receiver back to inititial settings. I have internet connection but spotify does not work.

Maybe that spotify cannot yet communicate with the new firmware, and wait until spotify updates its apps? Just before christmas ( I wanted to use a music playlist) it feels bad.


Does someone have other ideas?

Please read my posts above. Spotify decided (I don't know why) to delete the direct connection with a lot of audio devices, included a lot of Yamaha devices.
Also mine have the same problem (after firmware update), I asked to Spotify customer care and they said the don't know if the connection will be available again. I really angry because I bought Yamaha also for Spotify direct connection... If they don't solve in days I'll delete the Spotify premium account.

As a workaround I replaced the firmware with the prior version, and it works fine.

I found it on Yamaha support site:


Hope this helps.

@Fred55 wrote:

I updated the firmware on my yamaha receiver (rx-s600) a couple of days ago. Because it was there (1.21 version).

For the benefit of others, the firmware can be found from the following page:


This says:

This firmware includes
1.Support new APIs for Spotify


so it clearly appears that Spotify support is intended. My firmward page says the same, but I'm not doing anything for the moment.


Does somebody have an older update (<1.21) for my Yamaha receiver RX-S600? Yamaha online gives the 1.21 version with wich my spotify connect does not work anymore.


So please: van you help me with i.e. Version 1.17 for Yamaha RX-S600 ?



I updated my R-N500 to the latest firmware yesterday (v. 1.17), and it's been an improvement. Before this update, I frequently had glitchy streaming problems from Spotify (but not Net Radio). The "support new APIs for Spotify" seems to have made smoother operations, and nothing broken.

A success story from my perspective.  -- Encouraged by the positive results from some users, and not having heard back from my inquiry to Yamaha technical support on this issue (likely due to the holiday break), I decided to take the plunge and perform the update of the firmware on my Yamaha R-N500 network receiver (connected through the YWA-10 wireless adapter to my network). The Yamaha website indicated that an updated firmware version (1.17) was available as of Dec 26, 2017.  I updated my previous firmware from 1.13 to 1.17 this afternoon.  I followed the instructions on the Yamaha website (on the page related to the R-N500) and I confirmed successful implementation of version 1.17.  With fingers crossed, I tried connecting from my iPhone Spotify App (with Spotify Premium) to the Yamaha via Spotify Connect.  It worked just fine, and I am writing this to let fellow users know that I too have had success with the updated firmware from Yamaha which specifically was developed to align with updates coming to the Spotify API (Application Programming Interface).  Happy New Year.

Alter one month of trying to solve the problem of my yamaha receiver (rx-s600), not being able to play spotify after a firmware update I decided to buy a chromecast audio device. Works perfectly to stream/cast Spotify to the receiver. NICE!

But still disappointed  with Spotify/Yamaha that they suddenly decided to stop with the compatibility of Yamaha versus Spotify (connect).

I can't seem to find the older version of firmware and am convinced that will solve my problem as well.  Everything was working just fine and this new firmware version has totally hosed my Spotify Connect!  Urrrgh!

I did NOT update my firmware. Today my Yamaha receiver no longer appears in Spotify Connect. I'm guessing maybe Spotify has now updated their API to coincide with the Yamaha firmware changes? Can anyone whose Spotify Connect broke AFTER updating the firmware confirm whether it's working now? 

Yamaha CRX-N560 here, applied firmware update after cannot use spotify connect , great great improvement . I used to wait 5 seconds to switch songs and control volume was poor experience. With new firmware all works absolutely perfect and fast.

I can confirm firmware upgrade solved the same problem on yamaha r-n301. And update spotify apps too on your phone/pc.

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