Spotify Connect, able to connect to speaker, but unable to play song

Spotify Connect, able to connect to speaker, but unable to play song








Hama DIR3010 Internet Radio and iPhone XR/Windows Laptop


My Question or Issue

For the past couple of weeks I have been unable to play anything from Spotify while using Spotify Connect to connect to my Hama DIR3010 Internet Radio. I am able to connect to the speaker just fine, and the song name is even shown on the display, however pressing the "Play" button on my device does nothing except changing it to a Pause-icon for a short second before returning to the Play-icon.


I have already done all the usual troubleshooting steps; relog Spotify on my device, clear cache on my device, restart WiFi, attempt with other WiFi and even attempting it from a different device and the behavior is consistent. I have even gone so far as to factory reset my speaker with no change in result. As the song name is displayed when I connect to the speaker and other internet functionality on the speaker works as usual I have also eliminated any sort of internet connectivity issue.


Hope someone can help with this issue as I would very much like to continue using Spotify Connect with my speaker.

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Same problem here, started two days ago. I use Panasonic AllPlay speakers and wifi is Deco M9 mesh

Can connect and play from other apps, but spotify won't play. Only chnges to Pause and then Play again in less than a second.



Did you find any solution?

For a month I have had the same problem with Spotify Connect playing on Tiny Audio M7+. I can connect and the song name shows up in the device display, but when I hit the play button it immediately pauses. I have this problem during weekends and sometimes in the evenings. However everything works well monday-friday during daytime which puzzles me. I also live in Norway, and my ISP is Telenor Norge AS.


No solution yet for me. I also live in Norway, my ISP is Altibox at one location, the other place I use a GSM modem. Same problem both places.

Been on chat with spotify support for more than three hours yesterday, they couldn't help. They said that my speakers probably wasn't supported anymore. I told them about all the other systems that had the same problem as I have, and referred to all the posts here. 

But according to support that wasn't relevant even if it happened at the same time, and with exactly same problem....


Hey everyone,


Thanks for posting on the Community. 


Could you check if there's any available firmware (to install) for your speaker?


On another note, we suggest that you log in to your Spotify account (on a computer), then go to the "Connected apps" section in the settings, and remove your speaker (if you find it) from there. Also, make sure you're not using a VPN.


Lastly, go back to your speaker menu or app (if applicable) and reconnect it again with Spotify. 


Let us know if this does the trick.

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There is no new firmware for my speakers, last update was some years ago.

Have tried all this and also removed all other connected apps. I'm not using a vpn service.


A friend of mine has an Argon Audio Stream 1 that stopped working in April, same time as my Panasonic speakers stopped working. Someone at Spotify must know if something has changed....


Hey there @astp44


Thanks for your reply. 


Could you disconnect your speakers > restart the router > connect the speakers again to see if that makes the difference?


If the issue persists, would you mind checking if the same happens using a different internet connection? 


Keep us posted.

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No difference



I am sorry to communicate that I do not have any results either.

All devices have updated firmware/software. The Spotify version on my Tiny Audio M7+ speaker side is: release-esdk-1.20.0-v1.20.0-g594175d4

I have tried the recommendations:

  • When I log into my account, I cannot see any apps with access to the Spotify account, so there is nothing to remove.
  • I am not using VPN.
  • I have restarted the router and all devices.
  • I have tried to sign out everywhere and login again.
  • I have tried to connect the devices to a different network and router - with exactly the same problem.

Last week everything worked well Monay-Friday, but in the weekend and up until now the problem with Spotify Connect persists: I can connect and the song name shows up in the device display, but when I hit the play button it immediately pauses.


If there is a fix for this problem, I would love to hear about it. Thank you.


Update: Everything is working again for me now. Thank you.


I think the problem I experienced may have been related to this issue:


Jeg har nå (10.juni 2022) samme problemet som skrevet ovenfor på min Tiny M7+ 


Hey @tmorken,


Sorry to see you've had to face this issue.
As you seem to currently be the only one experiencing this, would you mind performing one complete clean reinstall of the app to rule out any inconsistencies with your currently installed version :?
We'll be on the lookout for your response.
Much appreciated!

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He is not alone. I too have this issue Tiny M7+. Norway. Reconnected in all thinkable ways. Firmware as fresh as it can possibly get. 


Hey @zpam and @tmorken,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


It seems you both experience the same issue on the same device brand/model. This leads me to believe it is a device related issue and most probably an actual incompatibility between Spotify and the device.


As the Spotify app and the device's firmware are updated separately, it may be so, that the updates are currently out of phase. We therefore ask you to also contact the manufacturer of the external speaker, so you can get more insight on why this issue may be occurring.


In the meantime you can check if the speaker is working via a Bluetooth connection to a mobile device.


Hope this helps,



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It seems like we all are from Norway. doesn't that sound a little bit suspicious?

Can there be a country specific issue?

A friend of mine with another system than me also have the same issue


Hello again

As I wrote above, my Tiny Audio M7+ worked perfectly last Wednesday afternoon. However the problem came back in the weekend and lasted until this morning. Now (14 June 2022 at 4 pm CET) everything is working well again.


Due to the instability of Spotify Connect, I contacted the distributor here in Norway (TT Micro AS). They were aware of the problem and also experienced the problem themselves, but had not yet determined whether the problem is with the unit or a Spotify problem. I was informed that the producer in Hong Kong does not experience this problem with the unit there.


I have also registered that everyone in this discussion reside in Norway, but do not know if that is of significance.


Another Norwegian user here, but this is related to an Onkyo TX-NR636 surround reciever. Just wrote a ticket to onkyo before I noticed this topic. So playing in the Android App, on my new laptop and the old laptop Spotify plays just fine, even if I use may phone and use "Spotify connect" to my new laptop I get music playing. So the problem is just when trying to Spotify connect to the Onkyo reciever and the problem is from all three devices. I work with technical support for over 25 years and with electronics and IT degree/experience so I think I have done what I can do at the time being. I think the problems lays at Spotify side and the API they are using for third party devices and perhaps a "ban" on Norwegian ISP/IP adresses. PS, at home I use Altibox as ISP. 


Copy of support ticket with info of the error and what I have tried, hopefully not forgotten to write down anything.


My Onkyo TX-NR636B have suddenly stopped playing music from Spotify connect. For example from my Android Samsung S10+ phone I use connect to the TX-NR636 and it connects okay, but it will not play any music. It just stalls on the Onkyo reciever, but on the phone it plays and seconds goes on as it should. This problem is also occuring when I try to use spotify connect from another device, tried 2 laptops one with Win 11 and one with Win 10. Same symptoms from all devices. When this have happened before it usually fixes the problem with shutdown of the onkyo, disconnect powercable from outlet for a few minutes and then turn back on. This does not solve the issue, what i have tried:

- Shutdown Onkyo and disconnect power for a few minutes, even over 24hours been powerless. Tried this many times with different time between power cable out and on again.

- On my Android phone cleared data and also uninstall and reinstall app.

- Rebooted router and switches.

- Using wired network, and network test on Onkyo gives no fault. Tried to set manual IP setup and another DNS server.

- Latest firmware is installed on Onkyo, at least Onkyo say no newer firmware when checking from the reciever.

- Win11 computer is new, problem startet before I got it in house.

- Tried to factory reset the Onkyo with holding cbl/sat button and then pressing and holding power switch, getting clear and then after a few second it power off and resets. Tried factory reset 3 times, one time skipped initial setup to se if this helps.

- The recievers plays Bluray , CD's and also TV from the TV decoder etc just fine.


So symptoms is when using Spotify connect it does connect, but does not play any music. If I play on my phone a track for 1min 14 sec and then use connect to the TX-NR636 it still goes on second by second on my phone, no audio on the phone but on recievers it stalls at 1min 14 or 1-2seconds later.


This error is bugging me out, do you have any tips to solve this issue? Most tips that I have found on google I have tried without success.


Hey @Zimoniser,


Thanks for the extensive description and the many troubleshooting steps you've tried.


The thing is, that the mobile app and the desktop app differ a lot in how they're built. This explains why the mobile app finds the receiver while the desktop app doesn't. And this is also why sometimes issues with Connect and external receivers occur.


On this note, have you tried using the web player?


You also mentioned changing the DNS configuration of the receiver, could you post the numbers?


Have you though of the firewall configurations on the desktop device? Just a wild guess.



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I’m also in Norway and my IPS I Altibox. 
my onkyo tx-nr616 connects but no sound but my tX-rz730 works fine. 

I have a friend that is using a different system and has same problem, he also has Altibox


If I try to use phone and select connect to both computers, or if I at a computer tries to connect to phone or the other computer I get to listen to music. But if I on either phone/PC1/PC2 connects to the Onkyo receiver it connects but does not play any music. So the only problem is on the Onkyo, not the other devices. This is also what makes i strange and I think there is no firewall in router og computer/phone issue, but rather a problem at the Spotify server side. And I have not changes any in my home network, not router replacement or update firmware, no large updates in antivirus/firewall programs on my computers either. 


DNS, on the Onkyo tried DHCP and also static IP with DNS set to the IP of my router for routers DNS, but also tried and for google. No solution by switching DNS server.


Not tried using web-version yet and can test it tomorrow, but I du not think that this will work as both 2 computers with Spotify program installed and also an Android phone will not play on the Onkyo. Just connects, track name shows up but then stalls at 1 sec. Even if I "fast forward" to the middle of the song the second is still at 1 sec. If I switch track I get the new trackname and stalls at 1 sec. If I play for 30 second local on my phone, then connect the Onkyo shows connected "trackname" and stalls at 30 secs. Not I have a tv connected to the Onkyo so I can watch what happens.

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