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Spotify Connect - connection drops

Spotify Connect - connection drops

Hello Spotify,

I am having issues using Spotify Connect in my home on my Onkyo TX-NR626. I can connect with my Andoid Phone or iPad with Spotify on my Onkyo and play music as expected.

But everytime I unlock my phone / iPad the receiver stops playing the music (on Pause) and the connection ist lost.

I can then reconnect to the receiver and start playing again, but that's certainly annoying.


Does anyone have similar problems and / or an idea how to fix this?






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... after investigating further, it seems that this happens only when using spotify connect in "speaker zone 2", in the main zone 1, everything seems to work fine. Any recommendations?




I know it's not a new topic and my issue is not related to ZONE 1/2... but just wanna spread the word about my "solution".
My Spotify connect was working very strangely: I could connect to my AV receiver (Denon) and start music but if I opened Spotify app on my Android phone (on both of them) the connection dropped and the music stopped. I could start it again on my phone but had to attempt the reconnection to the receiver a couple times before it worked again. So it was frustrating already. But yesterday there was a firmware update on the receiver and after that it did not even show up in the app on the phone. Unplugged it from power and plugged it back - after a couple minutes it appeared on both my and my girlfriend's phone in the app. But only she was able to connect, I couldn't. (Even on my Windows PC I couldn't see the device as available). As soon as I attempted, the music she played stopped but my music didn't start at all. So it was VERY strange. And could not think of a solution as it seemed like an account related issue. So what I've tried is logged out on my devices and logged in with her account on my phone. Guess what? It worked flawlessly. So I have logged out and logged back with mine. After that it showed up on the PC and could connect to it! Checked my phone and it was working with that either.
I can imagine that Spotify support would have made me create a new account three times already - not to mention resetting everything to factory defaults... 😄

Hope this helps others 🙂

Same exact scenario/issue on my nr 838, zone 2 only as well!!  

Actually - it's regardless of zone, it happens no matter which zone I pick. It's exclusive to the Onkyo as my other connect enabled devices work seamlessly.

Also - since the above, reset the onkyo to factory settings and it still happened. Firmware is current. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Spotify app from my phone, but still occurs. It happens on my iPad too, but just covering all bases.


I know this is an old thread but I can't find many others describing this similar problem. I have a Denon Ceol Piccolo which has worked reasonably well with Spotify Connect on all my devices: Samsung S7, Nexus 7, HP laptop, Sony Xperia Z...


Recently, I updated the Spotify app and started seeing the described behaviour. My phone will connect and play for a little while but if I go to unlock my phone a few minutes later the connection abruptly drops. I can connect again shortly after. Weirdly, if I start playing with my laptop connected to the speaker and then unlock my phone the same thing happens. I uninstalled Spotify from my phone and connected my wife's phone to the speaker and the same thing happened when she unlocked her phone (Samsung S4 mini). The speaker has had the same firmware on it as far as I am aware and my home network is the same. I have to assume it's Spotify since it happened after I updated my app.


Any suggestions?

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