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Spotify Connect crashes on Marantz

Spotify Connect crashes on Marantz



I have a Marantz SR6010 with Spotify connect. It has always worked without problems until recent firmware update of the Marantz SR6010. 


At first no problems, I play a song from my Nexus 6P (Android 8.1 beta) and the Marantz SR6010 plays it. After the Nexus 6P sleeps and I want to play another song, the Marantz stops playing and reinitialises the network. After a while it gets reinitialed and the Marantz SR6010 gets detected again as a Spotify Connect device.


Is anyone else experiencing such a problem with Spotify Connect? 


Any help is much appreciated.

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I have exactly the same problem with my Marantz SR7010. I also think it has something to do with the latest firmware 6 november 2017 (0992-9380-9205-04) because i never had the problem before that date.

I downgraded to the oldest (initial 04-03-2016) firmware Marantz SR7010 but still got the same problem.

Great that you find your solution!


I checked the setting on my phone, it looks like this:




As far as I can tell, the settings should be okay. But Spotify Connect is still crashing. Are my settings incorrect?

Looks like my previous post has been removed:


I've found the problem. For some reason the Marantz crashes when you have an android device with power saving enabled on Spotify. When the android device enters sleep mode, and you turn your device after one minute on again, then Marantz displays a distorted Spotify image through the HDMI output port. After a few seconds the screen goes black and the Marantz restarts itself. Then i'll have to wait a few minutes before the Marantz is detected again as a Spotify Connect device.


When I disabled the android power saving option for Spotify I coudn't reproduce the problem anymore.

edit: You probably also have to clear the spotify cache and reboot your phone.


Look likes your settings are good. Are there more settings in the Battery Optimisation menu? Did you try to clear the spotify cache and reboot your phone?

Yes I have cleared the cache and rebooted the phone. 

I have the feeling that it is because I run a beta version of Android (8.1). I am going to downgrade to a stable version.

Will let know how that sorted out.

Reverting to Android 8.0.0 on my Nexus 6P resolved the problem. I could reproduce the problem and fix it with the battery safing settings.


Most likely 8.1 beta does not take the program specific battery safing options into account.

Same problem with a 8802A however I am the only one to believe that this problem should be adressed by Marantz instead of tweaking phones / Spotify settings since none of my other Spotify Connect receivers have this problem?


Will try the Live Chat function on US Marantz site since I cannot find a
support option for EU Marantz.
When I have a reply of them, I will share it here.

A few days ago (after changing the power settings on my phone) I got the issue one more time. So it is not completely resolved with this power saving setting. Other devices at my home don't have this problem only my Marantz receiver.


I talked to Marantz but they are not aware of this problem. I gonna make a new ticket and refer to this topic.

Reply from Marantz:


Our developers are aware that there are apparently connectivity problems on a number of devices and they are looking for the cause as this is not a general problem but only a relatively small number of devices. Of course, after finding the cause they will also make a fix.

Unfortunately, I do not have an expected date yet.



Marantz Product Support

Answer from support: "We would suggest performing a full reset of the unit". This obviously did not fix the problem, as bugs are typically not fixed by resets.


The support was handled by the parent company "Sound United" Customer Support in the UK.


Answer from support: "We would suggest performing a full reset of the unit". This obviously did not fix the problem, as bugs are typically not fixed by resets.


The support was handled by the parent company "Sound United" Customer Support in the UK.




I'm experiencing the same thing on my SR6010, is Marantz still worling on the problem or do tey stick with the reset? I've put my phones on the guest WiFi and that "solves" it for now (playing from my Ipad).




Same here with my SR6010. Spotify Connect was very stable in the past, now it takes me 10 mins for the app to see the amp and after either 10 mins of playing or me waking up my phone, it cuts. Then 10 mins again for the app to see the amp... And again and again...

Hi Walp,


As you can see in earlyer posts Marantz is working on the problem but I will also sent them a 'complaint' with a link tot thia tread so they that they know the problem is maybe bigger then they think.

Let's make them know! 😄


Merry Christmas!

Thanks mate.


How do I send a complaint to Marantz? Through the contact form on their website? Any better idea?


It's getting ridiculous, I've been using Spotify Connect for years on several amps and it's been working like a charm really. Even on the SR6010 I haven't experienced any issue before recently.

I'm home using it since 2 hours and have been disconnected like 5 times already with loss of the Marantz entry from the list of Connect devices from Spotify app every time. Only way to recover the amp from the list being a random mix of:

- Restarting the Marantz

- Restarting Spotify app

- Clearing Spotify app cache and restarting my phone

- Re-validating network info (IP, DNS...) on the Marantz

- Dancing naked with a feather in my bottom



I'm well determined to **bleep** Marantz off with this.


If you guys have efficient ways to contact them, please feel free to enlighten me.

7th crash in 3 hours.


Twice in 15 mins music was playing and just double tapped my phone to see what time it was, music stopped as soon as the screen went on. Went into the Spotify app and the Marantz disappeared from the Connect devices list in front of my eyes...


Each time I have to either wait for some time so the amp magically reappears from the list or randomly restart things to force it to reappear.


Really getting on my nerves...





I've been adviced to go to custemer support trough there website and ask the quostion there. Still making a detailt story about the problem.

Yesterday I linked my samsung gt 5110 tablet to the network and no problem what so ever. The Spotify app or battery saving thing does not solve anything.

Ipad and Iphone's no problem.

If you have the posibility to use Spotify Connect on a other platform than a phone that will work, and log your phone on to the guest network of your router (I hope for your Christmas spirit sake 😄 you have one) that makes it posible to use the phone whitout disconecting Spotify. To be continued!


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