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Spotify Connect crashes on Marantz

Spotify Connect crashes on Marantz



I have a Marantz SR6010 with Spotify connect. It has always worked without problems until recent firmware update of the Marantz SR6010. 


At first no problems, I play a song from my Nexus 6P (Android 8.1 beta) and the Marantz SR6010 plays it. After the Nexus 6P sleeps and I want to play another song, the Marantz stops playing and reinitialises the network. After a while it gets reinitialed and the Marantz SR6010 gets detected again as a Spotify Connect device.


Is anyone else experiencing such a problem with Spotify Connect? 


Any help is much appreciated.

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Hi All,

I am new on this forum but unfortunaly not on the issue. Within a single network I have a Marantz SR6009 and a Denon XC2000 (recently Spotfy connect enabled). 

The online music (spotify, online radio and even by the Chromecast connected to an Hdmi) stops when activating any of our phones (Samsung S7 and LG G3) 

Tried static IP's, different (wifi (and security) and cable) routers but the issue remains. Getting really bored at the moment of this AV's.


Looking forward to a final solution! Will keep on tracking this forum from now on.

All that stuff some say you need to do with your network and blaming spotify or android instead of the receiver is bul**bleep**. The receiver shouldn't just crash on a weird packet or broadcast.

the entire networkstack just pukes its guts out, the screen crashes and the receiver needs some serious recovery time.

That's not normal.

It should just say "hey, that's not what I expect. I'm going to ignore that" instead of going "Aaaargh!".

For reference, TP-Link are officially blmaing mDNS packers being sent from Google devices:


Reddit thread:

That's very interesting, thanks.


What about when you run a Connect session from Android and just use the phone to do something else (browsing, playing a game..) or simply leave the phone with the screen off and it will disconnect anyway after like 2 songs? Can the mDNS issue be blamed in this case?

See below link for more explanation guys:

P.s. TP Link, linksys netgear etc. all are also working on solutions!

Better yet, google is rolling out a Google Play services update today to fix the large amount of network traffic.


I think Marantz should still fix the issue on their side, but hopefully the Google Play services update will resolve the crashes.



It seems the problem is narrowed down and companies agree on what it is. Some of you already posted links to different companies, and I thought I would contribute with what Denon/Marantz are saying. I am having the same problem with my Denon Ceol Piccolo disconnecting from network as soon as I touch my Samsung S7. Hopefully Google will release this update soon....


Kind regards


I too have been having this issue since about Nov-2017 on my Marantz SR5010.  Tried the guest SSID workaround,  working fine now.  Thanks for the suggestion; the workaround will be good for me until this is resolved.  Hopefully it won't be long!  This has been frustrating the **bleep** out of me for months!

To your point: problem solved for me since I have updated Google Play Services to version 11.9.75 (published January 21st, 2018). I had to force this update on my Galaxy S7 and it has solved all the issues I had for the last 24 hours.


I have been playing most of the time with the phone in Energy Savings mode which was known to cause crashed in the past.


Now Marantz and Denon should fix this problem too, as this Denial of Service (DoS) weakness is not to be let unfixed.


I never get people who state the issue has been resolved. I pressume also  know that Google was at error here but still want Denon and Marantz to fix something which doesn't need fixing?????

@butterill I'm beta tester for Google Play Services and received the update on SAT 20 JAN. Sadly, haven't had a try since. Will try tonight.


@ThorOppenheimer this is a security flaw that AV manufacturers shall fix as their devices are not DDoS-proof.

Ok back after a new test session.

Installed Google Play Services 11.9.75.

Installed Spotify

Restarted my OP5.


Result: Spotify Connect cut and disconnected in the middle of the 3rd song I played. During the whole time the phone was unlocked as I was using Firefox to read some articles.


OxygenOS battery saving feature was already disabled for the Spotify app.

Open questions: 

- Shall I disable the battery saving feature for some other apps?

- Would physically disconnecting my Chromecast anyhow help with regards to the MDNS thing? (assuming the MDNS thing really the root cause)

As a quick-fix I applied a firewall rule a few weeks ago to block all traffic to port 5353 on the Marantz's bridge port (Mikrotik RouterOS and M-CR611). It helped me to use the hifi again, however, any new phone couldn't find the player as a Spotify capable device on the LAN, only previously connected phones could accessed it through their existing Spotify Connect registration.


Today I've updated Google Play Services* on our S7s as butterill mentioned previously, disabled the firewall rule, and it seems to be working now. No unexpected disconnects and local network discovery is ok again. Big thanks for the tip!

We have a few Jam speakers on this very same LAN and had no problems at all in the past month, so while I'm happy because this update fixed something, sad at the same time why couldn't Marantz/Denon managed this situation obviously, or at least why they haven't yet released a fix to this.


* I've used Play Services Info application by weberdo ( to find the proper apk.

And thus some people think Google created this: just for Denon and Marantz. seriously always pionting finger in wrong direction or barking up wrong tree does not help. (ecept get rid of some frustration).

Who said that?

Hi Guys,

I see the first little who said what, and is blaminng who already happend:)...keep calm whe al have the same goal and are not blamming anyone, execept the one that started it 😄

I have had I reply from Marantz / Denon on my problem report. To cut a long story short, they say it has to do with the package thing from Google and the update in combination with updates from routers the problem should go away, time period not given.


So keep the group posted when yout HiFi is back to it's old self! mine is still not!, even with the updates. I'm still wordking on the guest network.

So they're basically saying "it's really easy to crash our equipment with a bit if network flooding. But that's the fault of the flooder, he shouldn't do that!"

Yes that's a good summary. I have nontheless asked for a fix but I have low expectations. 

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