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Spotify Connect delayed and distorted playback

Spotify Connect delayed and distorted playback

Hi all,


I am using spotify with a Samsung multiroom system with M3 speakers.


When playing spotify back through one speaker using Spotify connect then everything is fine. However when I group the speakers using the Samsung multiroom app the second speaker plays back very distored and slightly delayed. It doesn't matter which speaker I start with the second speaker will always be the distorted one (i.e. it's not always a specific speaker).


I have tried doing this exact same thing using different music sources and all the others remain fine so this appears to be directly related to spotify.


This was working fine previously and it only seems to be the last week or so that this has begun happening.


Anyone have any suggestions on ways to fix this or things that could be causing it?


I've tried rebooting the router and wireless multiroom hub, as well as the individual speakers. I cant think of anything else that could cause this.





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Hi, Matthewjdavy!


This might be caused by the same problem a lot of others are experiencing the last 5 days.

I am not sure this is relevated to the problem you are experiencing, but it is similar.


Check out this thread:


I have been told that the tech-folks at Spotify are working with this as we speak.


I have problems with Spotify Connect myself and hope this will be solved soon.


Best regards!

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