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Spotify Connect doesn’t play large Liked Songs playlist

Spotify Connect doesn’t play large Liked Songs playlist






  iPhone X

Operating System

  IOS 10 and Yamaha rn-602

My Question or Issue


I stream through my Yamaha amp using Spotify Connect controlled via the iPhone. I’ve liked over 5000 songs which have been automatically placed in the new “Liked Songs” playlist created since the June 19 app update. 


The problem I have is that since the playlist got large, it won’t play via Spotify Connect on the amp - clicking songs or shuffle just does nothing. It plays locally on the iPhone and to the amp via Bluetooth just fine. 


Anyone got any ideas...???


Thanks in advance!

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I have the same problem - a work around is to start playing the liked songs playlist on your iPhone iPad etc and then go to devices available and select your Spotify connect device - then it seems to work....hope this helps 

Thanks for posting about this. Annoying problem. I can control from other parts of app, just not my "liked songs" playlist, which I've been working on ever since they rolled out the recent redesign.

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