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Spotify Connect doesn't work for Beoplay A9

Spotify Connect doesn't work for Beoplay A9


I have a B&O A9 speaker that I used to play with airplay. But when I try to use Spotify Connect to play music on it, it doesn't connect. I can see the speaker in the connect list on my Spotify iPad app. If I click on the speaker, it tries to connect for a couple of seconds and it jumps back to the iPad option.

The speaker is on the same wifi network and airplay works great. The firmware is up to date and the spotify app on the iPad is also up to date. My iPad is a mini with retina display with the latest ios.

Thanks in advance,
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Same problem here since two weeks ....

Same problem with my BeoPlay A9 V1


And the answer is "Unfortunately, the Spotify Connect option is no longer available for BeoPlay A9 V1 speakers. We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused." 


The BeoPlay A9 is still a speaker at 2.000 € !!!!!!! No longer able to enjoy listening via Spotify Connect is really a big problem.

i have the same problem so if its true i will cancel my spotify abonoment and find another streaming service..


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