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Spotify Connect not working on Chromecast audio (using iphone)

Spotify Connect not working on Chromecast audio (using iphone)

My Chromecast audio does not appear on the devices available menu in spotify on my two iphones and ipad. I am able to connect to the chromecast thru chrome and google home app.

-chromecast is on latest firmware

-tried rebooting chromecast

-tried factory resetting chromecast

-tried reinstalling spotify on ios

-spotify on latest update

-tried resetting router

-tried using macbook spotify app-not there too

-tried using other premium account

-tried contacting spotify support

-tried contacting google suppport

-tried moving chromecast to different location(really near router)

-tried directly connecting device to speakers using 3.5-works


note: I was able to connect to it once on my iphone thru the connect in more devices tab but it stopped working the next day


chromecast audio: 1.25.90308

spotify ios: 8.4.9

country: PH 



2 Replies

I'm having trouble on my Android phone as well.  I know that CC Audio is working since I have no problem casting Google Play Music.

Why isn't this fixed yet?  A child could fix it.

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