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Spotify Connect not working with second account

Spotify Connect not working with second account

Dear all,

my wife and I have two seperate Spotify Premium accounts called Acc1 and Acc2. With my account I can use Spotify Connect from my iphone, ipad, macbook and even with the android phone of my wife if I am using the Acc1. But my wife logged in with Acc2 does not see any devices, compared to me, I can see all 3. Even after they were switched off and on. I double checked this behaviour on the android phone and my macbook. Logged in with Acc1 everything is working, Acc2 I cannot see a single device. 

Based on this I don't think that there is a problem with our wifi/lan structure which is kind of complex with different subnets seperated by vlans, seperate wlans and a avahi deamon running on the firewall.


I reseted all devices, I removed all linked devices to Acc2 but nothing helped. All Devices using the latest Spotify App version.


Any further ideas?


Thanks and best regards


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Hey @Trikolon81,


Thanks for getting in touch. What we understand is that your wife can't use the Connect feature from her device, but your account works from the same device. Is that correct?


We suggest that you double check that you're not logging in on a Free account. Make sure that you can use other Premium features while logged in on your wife's account, such as downloading her music


We also suggest that you log in to your wife's account on another device, such as one of your own, and see if that works. 


Let us know how it goes. 


Hi Jemi,

sory for the delayed answer. We canceled the premium account and reactivated it to check whether it is working again. First strange thing was, that was DNSBL enabled by my pfsense firewall, I could not activate premium. I need to investigate some more time on that. 


I logged into my wifes account from my macbook and was able to see her mobil. I tried to see a wlan radio device with spotify which I could see from my mobil, but not from my wifes. 


Best regards


Hey there @Trikolon81,


Thanks for keeping us up in the loop.


Just to confirm, has your wife tried logging in on one of your devices to see if then she can see any of the devices you can normally see? This will help us pinpoint if it's an account issue.


If she still can't, we'd recommend  creating a new Spotify account for her. 


As for upgrading back to Premium, do you see an error message? Do you still see it if you try in a different browser or incognito/private window?


We'll be looking out for your reply.



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From my MacBook with her Account: She saw her mobil and another mobil using her account

From my Macbook with my Account: I saw devices with my account only.

From her Mobil and her Account: A Spotify Radio device was not discovered

From my Mobil and my Account: A Spotify Radio device was discovered


"As for upgrading back to Premium, do you see an error message? Do you still see it if you try in a different browser or incognito/private window?"

I need to check this in the evening.


Best regards


Hello again,

after some tests I can say that the Yamaha RX475 Receiver is working from my and from my wifes phone with both accounts.

It seems to, that reseting the account was the solution for the main problem.


Best regards


Hi again Ben,


Great to hear that! We hope both of you will have a smoother listening experience from now on. 


Let us know if there's anything else 🙂


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