Spotify Connect over ethernet/cabled connection is highly unreliable - use WiFi instead


Spotify Connect over ethernet/cabled connection is highly unreliable - use WiFi instead

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I have been struggling for a long time with getting spotify connect to work on my Sony Bravia and Onkyo (both using ethernet cable to connect to my LAN). The devices usually (yes, sometimes it does worke?) show up as a playable device in Spotify.


Recently I found out that spotify connect works a lot better when you are using WiFi to connect your devices to your LAN. This is quite unfortunate since I would like to rely on my cable connection instead of using the poor perfromance of my WiFi connection.


Has anyone experienced the same? Is there an explanation for why Spotify connect doesn't work via ethernet?

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Same here. Spotify connect works fairly reliably on wifi, but i want  to use ethernet. Whic hworks fine for other apps, but Spotify connect seems patchy as **bleep**. Phone is in flight mode to keep wifi off to stop IP address conflicts. Ethernet connection works fine for play store, chrome etc etc, so bug is Spotify's.


Has this issue been addressed?  Looking to set-up my living room sound system with a ethernet connected Onkyo receiver to use as a Spotify Connect device (which will send the music to my in-home speakers), but I'm hesitating b/c I haven't been able to find any threads that mention that this is something that has been fixed...


3 years later, still same problem.

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Sometimes when I open the Spotify App, my ethernet stops working and I need to restart my laptop. This doesn't happen on a daily basis but it's very annoying.


Hey there @Abhay_Aysola!


Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community! This sounds quite odd and we'll be happy to help you sort this out.


You could start with a clean reinstall with the steps here to make sure that all old files that might be causing trouble are gone.


It's also important that you re-download it from the Microsoft store if you have a computer with Windows 10 OS.


Give your device a quick restart before you start the newly installed app.


We'll be on the lookout for your update.

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This is a garbage response. Don't tell us to "uninstall and reinstall the app" for a problem that is not due to users' systems. This is clearly a problem with Spotify's ability to understand LAN networks, and is a bug you need to fix.

If a device exists on the LAN, offer it as a streaming device. If not, then BAU.


Hi there @Djp460,


Thanks for the post.


As community moderators we can offer solutions which other users facing similar issues have reported as working for them. As we can only troubleshoot remotely, we can't see the users' specific set up, so we need to go through some general troubleshooting in order to narrow down what is causing the issue.


If you have questions or need help you're always welcome to reach out again. We'll do our best to help 🙂

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I just bought a very expensive Spotify-Connect enabled device (Primare Prisma, a board integrated as a module in the Primare integrated amplifier I25-Prisma, but this is not relevant). It can connect to the home network with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and I really thought prior buying that I would not use the Wi-Fi (we all know why: reliability, bandwidth, lags, jitter, interuptions, etc). I have now spent a lot of time trying to understand how Spotify-Connect will stream the music itself from my router to my device: Ethernet cabled or wireless Wi-Fi? I can accept (though I do not understand that...) that they both need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, and that this can be used to control the "orders" that are given. But can someone confirm to me that the music itself will really flow on the Ethernet cable, and not the Wi-Fi ? Or not...
And with the CD-quality HiFi service coming, this will be even more important. Us sound-fanatics are a bit crazy on those things.. Can someone points me to a link or explain me all about that ? Thanks !!