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Spotify Connect with Pioneer VSX-923-K does not work anymore. Earlier all worked

Spotify Connect with Pioneer VSX-923-K does not work anymore. Earlier all worked

Spotify Connect with Pioneer VSX-923-K does not work anymore. Previously, everything worked. The rest of the services are all connected to the receiver

17 Replies

I've got the same problem... I see my vsx on the list of ready devices... But when I try to conn connect, nothing happens. 

+1. wonderful, that means no dinner music for the guests today. thanks a ton...

Spotify just stopped supporting these from one day to another.


Happened to me as well... Pioneer VSX 510S.


The best feature Spotify ever had, which I used EVERY day ALL day... got killed off without communication.


I will start a new thread, asking them to reconsider.


Pioneer was also caught by surprise... Pioneer is looking into it.


PS: It's not only Pioneer. They killed off every receiver they got bored of (until they provide me with another reason, "bored of" is the only reason I can come up with.)

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-03 om 16.20.36.png



Its not only Recivers.


At first i wondered why my Ford Focus ST 2017 did not show Spotify Connect App, then i couldn't connect with my VSX-924 or my Dads Pioneer. The Chat then pointed out they got rid of Ford Sync3 (not even a Year on the Market) and "old" Recivers.


And i guess they won't bring it back...


Thank you very much, it just used these Features a lot. Premium Family gone!

Hi guys...


Please add your voices here if you want to see Spotify Connect returned to receivers:



the link does not work here...

Spotify has made some server upgrades. Some receivers will need a firmware update to work again and get the latest version of Spotify. Other receivers will no longer be supported.


Check out this page for the latest information on Spotify for receivers:


The way to listen to Spotify with some speakers and sound systems is changing.

If you have a speaker from one of the following brands, click for more information.

You can also check out other ways to listen on your speaker.


The Spotify custom integration will be completely removed from the following models of Pioneer speakers:

XW-SMA1, XW-SMA3, XW-SMA4, VSX-923, VSX-828, VSX-823, VSX-528, VSX-S510, VSX-70, VSX-43, VSX-1023, VSX-1028, VSX-1123, VSX-1128, VSX-8231, SC-1223, SC-1228, SC-1323, SC-1328, SC-1523, SC-1528, SC-2023, SC-71, SC-72, SC-75, SC-77, SC-79, SC-LX57, SC-LX77, SC-LX87, X-SMC55, VSX-1124, VSX-44, VSX-80, VSX-1129, VSX-924, VSX-824, VSX-529, SC-LX58, SC-2024, SC-1224, SC-LX88, SC-81, SC-LX78, SC-85, VSX-1024, VSX-1029, SC-82, SC-87, SC-89.


Check out other ways to listen on your speaker.

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One voice for returning this function to VSX-923 from Finland!

"we will not implement DLNA because we have spotify connect!"

Well, looks like we will now have neither! I definitly won't be paying 10€ for this **bleep** anymore, that's for sure.

I have the same problem. The reason i bought the reciever from the first place and now I have to go back to listening with the airplay function which is a pain in the ***. Have anyone got a explanation? Or is just because they updated some of their servers? 



Same problem here 😞

I bought the amplifier not so long ago and chose it because of the spotify connect possibility. I used this every day but did not get it to work anymore but now it turns out that this possibility just isn't there anymore. I'm really disappointed! I'm not gonna pay for something that doesn't work and I'm not gonna buy another expensive receiver.

same for me my vsx 924.

I do not understand the reason

VSX-932 also doesn't work this is crazy

I just changed over from Apple Music because of this. Well, back to Apple I guess.

I connected a Chromecast which works great. When I give the Chromecast the command to play music (or a movie) the VSX receiver switches over automaticly and plays it. But it's still a shame that a big functionality like this just stops working on the receiver and that there isn't a fix for it. This functionality was one of the main reasons to buy this VSX receiver.

The reason seems to be that Spotify has done some significant changes on the server side. This requires Pioneer to update their firmware, but they have been too lazy to do that.


AirPlay has also stopped working on my receiver. I don't think they would be able to update to AirPlay 2 using sw only, but AirPlay is backward compatible, so I don't understand why. Anyone else with this problem?

I use this workaround:

- I open Spotify on my iPad 2 (!) iOS 9.3.5

- For one reason or the other that device is still compatible with Spotify Connect on my VSX-S510.

- I connect to the Pioneer Amp in my Spotify app on that iPad 2 (!)

- I remotely operate Spotify with my OnePlus 7 Pro


Still works! 😁

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