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Spotify Connect with Sony SRS-X7

Spotify Connect with Sony SRS-X7



I have problems gettings Spotify Connect working with my speaker Sony SRS-X7.


* I know that the speaker is connected to my network. I have even assigned it a specific IP-address. I have also connected it via an ethernet cable to be able to interface its web gui and verify its settings.

* I have disabled the 5 GHz band in my router as the speaker only works on the 2.4 GHz band.

* I have tried to control the speaker with the following OS: Android 4.3, latest IOS on Iphone and Ipad and a Laptop running Windows 7.

* When using the Sony control App "Song Pal" it says that the speaker is connected to my home network via Wifi, this leads me to think that there is some problem with Spotify Connect and the latest firmware in the speaker.


Anyone having a suggestion what I should do next? What I would like is to get Spotify Support to by a Sony SRS-X7 and place in their test lab to make sure that it actually works as it should with the current version of Spotify and current firmware of the speaker.



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