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I just want to say that I am extremely disappointed with the fact that Spotify has discontinued the compatibility between Spotify Connect, and my Pioneer VSX-824. Not only did I specifically buy this surround sound system for its compatibility, but now I have to buy another system or device that is currently compatible. Who knows how long that will last? I understand there are

things like Chromecast, but that's just more money! 

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I have the same problem with my Pioneer VSX 924, and apparently many models of many brands also have the same issue. I haven't found any clear explanation other than vague references to some technology upgrade not being compatible with some products. At a bare minimum, I think both Spotify and Pioneer should tell the honest and full story.


It feels wrongful from both a moral and contract point of view to market a product with such a key feature and then remove it. I am very disappointed.


I am buying a new receiver and it will certainly not be a Pioneer, probably ever again.

I am also feeling that Spotify has guilt in this as well, and it has made me for the first time consider a competing music service.

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