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Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect



I am looking to understand how chromecast vs spotify connect works.


I currently have multiple chromecast devices in my house that are linked to my home automation system. I can use it to move music between devices, pause music etc.


I have recently added a receiver with both chromecast and spotify connect built in.  When I use spotify on my phone and go to choose a device the receiver is represented as a spotify connect device and not a chromecast device. The problem is that when I play via the spotify connect device my home automation system is unable to control, move to different devices, groups etc.


Chromecast groups the receiver is in still work and show up correctly. likewise the chromecast on the receiver works in other non-spotify apps.


I am trying to understand if this behavior is the way spotify behaves (i.e. is table to see both a chromecast and spotify connect version of the device and only shows the spotify connect) or if it is a problem with the receiver. either way I guess that getting a receiver that has chromecast but can disable connect may be the way to go - I have just not found any of these.



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