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Spotify Follow button question

Spotify Follow button question

Hi, sorry that my question doesn't touch this topic, but I really need your help, guys. I work in and we have feature for our users to add Spotify Follow buttons to their sites. And if somebody from our users will come in country where spotify is not available, for example, Ukraine they might face with following problem.


This is the site with SF: 

If users go there and click on SF on the name of the artist (Adele).

They will be redirected on page with "Sorry this content is not available "  ( 


The problem is: if you do the same steps via mobile devises S3 and IPhone you won't get the page with "Sorry this content is not available", you will be redirected to the page with artist (Adele). Why redirection on mobile devises is different than on computers?


Thank you for your help.


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@L3L1K - just moving your post to a new thread, so it doesn't get mixed up in the resetting offline devices thread

@L3L1K - You may get redirected on mobile, but if you try to play any tracks there should be a pop up saying 'track unavailable'

If I try to play tracks it redirects me on page with black screen with sign in top of the screen "Launching Spotify...". On IPhone 5 it stays on this page and nothing happens on Android it goes back on previous page.

Still reproduced ((

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