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Spotify Google Nest Mini as well as Chromecast stops playing/locks up

Spotify Google Nest Mini as well as Chromecast stops playing/locks up






Nest Mini (2020), Chromecast (2016)

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I use spotify on a variety of devices: Multiple Windows, Linux, Andoid, Apple, and Google Home devices...


On the Google Home devices the music will often stop playing or refuse to start playing.

This happens on larger playlists ( e.g. 4000+ songs) but also on specific searches (results).


The device is in my list of devices in the desktop, the wifi connection is fine as adjusting the Spotify volume in my desktop client immediately adjusts it on the Nest Mini (you hear a conformation noise/the icons lighting up). The desktop client thinks Spotify is playing on Nest mini (progress still moves, it's pausable/resumable), but it's not actually playing anything. A hard-reset (plug it out and in again) fixes it always. The speaker works for other applications and services in the meantime and like I said, adjusting the volume on the spotify client on pc immediately works (on the nest mini, the 4 leds light up to show/adjust volume level) so the connection is there.


Using my computer to switch to playing on pc works fine, (and I hear google nest saying a different device is taking over the music) and if i try to switch back to nest, it will give the ''connected'' sound but still refuse to play. IT's as if the spotify application on Nest Mini locks up. It's very easily reproducible, just select a large playlist and let it play, it will often start showing issues within 45 minutes. 


In general Spotify on Nest Mini is very unstable on anything but tiny playlists, with small playlists ( e.g. <100 songs) almost no issues are happening.


I listen to my large playlists most (thousands of songs), please improve the handling of large playlists or search queries/results on Nest Mini.




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hey there @snovvdog,

Thank you for your post and feedback. 


We suggest that you perform a clean reinstall of the app. This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


Also - make sure your app is up to date.


Let us know how everything goes. We're always one reply away 🙂


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