Spotify In Georgia


Spotify In Georgia

Hey folks,


So, I was wondering the other day about why Spotify still hasn't expanded its service to the Republic of Georgia. We're a small, post-soviet union developing country mainly influenced by the western culture. 


I just wanted to say and ask that you'd bring Spotify to Georgia as well. I mean, there have been a lot of posts about this issue, that were left without attention. I mean, Spotify could seriously make big bucks here, hence I think the Georgian people would quickly adapt to the service. Plus, what is there to lose? Unless it's associated with a lot of costs, it'd surely be beneficial to the company. We have PayPal, We've got Credit Cards and WE HAVE THE MONEY.


PEOPLE, Please SUPPORT this idea by giving it kudos, so it doesn't get lost again.


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Good news!


Spotify is now available in Georgia


You can read more information about Spotify's launch in new markets in this news article: Spotify Expands International Footprint, Bringing Audio to 80+ New Markets

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I support that idea so much, 

what should we do to get spotify in Georgia?

I also support this idea and would love to use spotify here in Georgia.

What A great Idea!!!

Great Idea!!

It would be great if we have access to spotify premium service in Georgia.

We need spotify in Georgia, maybe there are few who post in Spotify Community, but we are even more than anyone can imagine. 

I Also Support This Great Idea
It Would Be Great If We Have Access To Spotify In Georgia.

If paypal trust Georgia for payments, why the spotify don't trust Georgia for paying service via paypal?  🙂 

100% right!

yeah lets support it

I have a question to my Georgian friends - it Spotify completely blocking you out ("geo restrictions") or is it Spotify premium which is not available? 


I wanted to pay for user living in Georgia with a bank card registered in a country where Spotify operates. Will it work? I mean not "paying", but will my Georgian friend be able to use Premium. 


There is one more "but" - what does "licence agreement" say about this? 

It will work if you sign in on Spotify account once in 14 days, from the
country where Spotify is available. After every 14 days you have to sign in
again if you want to use it in Georgia.

Yes, you can do it for Premium and will work in Georgia! i finally did the
same. But we cannot pay with a Georgian card.
This will be an amazing gift!
Have nice holidays !

lets hope that Spotify team doesn't shut down this idea like other, i hope they will launch it in Georgia

Great idea ... We need Spotify in Georgia please

Shut up and take my momey!

Give us music it's 2020 we know how to pay 😄

please let us have Spotify in Georgia ❤️

We need Spotify in Georgia 🇬🇪 

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