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Spotify Integration for Algoriddim DJay Pro


Spotify Integration for Algoriddim DJay Pro






Macbook Pro late 2015

Operating System

macOS Catalina 10.15.3


My Question or Issue

I hear rumours that Spotify will no longer be integrated with Algoriddim djay from 1st July 2020 onwards, is this true?  What are you able to tell me about this?  Do you have plans to integrate with any other DJ software (e.g. Serato, Rekordbox etc.) in the future?

225 Replies

Not cool, hopefully a new platform comes around that will care about what
thier users really want...

Sorry Spotify, but this answer is worthless. Nobody was complaining about the experience - on the contrary. People love the integration into djay pro and are passionate about how much they love it. They are complaining about you removing the service, so if you you are serious about "pouring our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users", then don't take it away, because that's the only reason many users pay for a premium subscription. If there is another logical reason why you will no longer offer support, then please reveal it, and not just dance around the issue by offering a carrot to present a great new idea. The great idea is already clearly defined.

I just would like to say: perfectly replied Mr. DtoTheK1

Just keep things the way they are. No move is the best move in this situation!!

Let us all vote on the integration maintenance!!👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

(at) Padfranceschini, also correct! They seem not knowing the proverb "never touch a running system!" 😄

I voted, by the way, and we need more voters!

Your answer is just perfect DtoTheK1 !

Thanks for that.

Is there any DJ working for Spotify to understand us ?

Is there someone within Spotify to understand that this is not the future but the present of DJing ?

Is the person who initiated this great project still in the company ?

We do not want some answers that a robot could give.

Please, give us the real reason and don’t ask us for new ideas that already exist...
We don’t ask for more.

It is perfect as it is.

My idea was that Spotify didn’t pull this dishonourable move on thousands of customers that were loyal to them. I don’t understand what you mean by “ideas”. It’s like a tap is on, it gets turned off, someone says “if anyone has any ideas of how to get the water back on message us here...” 

Please DJs, vote for that ! My idea : Spotify should recrute DJs to understand us !! 🙂

You can vote here 😉


Hi Spotify,


I’m going to be playing for a friends celebration of life who passed away tomorrow using DJ Pro with integration from Spotify. It would be so wonderful if this continues to work this weekend. These are one of the many ways in which we are enjoying our experiences of music with friends using 3rd Party DJ Apps.


I understand that this is being discontinued, but hopefully not this weekend or for 2020 since this is a difficult year for all of us globally as we are losing close friends and family to this pandemic and music helps to heal our soul. 😉


Thanks again for considering keeping these services active during these difficult times.


Warm regards,



Spotify is not giving any more support.
It will still work this week-end but it will stop one day.
It is not because they understand your kind words.
This company now is financial oriented.
They won’t stop the service this week end don’t worry.
They will understand one day they gave up on their most faithful community.
One day not so far competition will be much more agressive and it will be the beginning of the end.
We can hope that they will be bought before by a player that understand DJ community.

Noticed that the djay Pro app quit working due to unknown reasons. Spotify stopped working. It did show the Migrate Now screen before July 1st.

Still working for me on iPad 2

Running on iOS 9

Djay 2

OFFICIALLY ITS OVER FRIENDS, consider me bummed.

Yup, just installed the latest MacOS version today. What a damn shame. 

Stopped working for me over the weekend. 😿

TIDAL offering 3 month trial

Recently tried Tidal, and although you can transfer playlists, i’m sad to report that 95% of my cue points are gone from those songs. Contacted Algoriddim and they said this is the case. 🤮🤮

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