Spotify Integration for Algoriddim DJay Pro


Spotify Integration for Algoriddim DJay Pro

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Macbook Pro late 2015

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macOS Catalina 10.15.3


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I hear rumours that Spotify will no longer be integrated with Algoriddim djay from 1st July 2020 onwards, is this true?  What are you able to tell me about this?  Do you have plans to integrate with any other DJ software (e.g. Serato, Rekordbox etc.) in the future?


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out and voicing your concerns.

We can confirm that throughout 2020 Spotify will cease to be playable through 3rd party DJ apps. It's possible that for some users the service remains active a while longer, however it's not officially supported and we can't guarantee that it'll function properly. We always take retiring features in Spotify very seriously and we’re pouring our energy into new ways of creating the best experience for our users. We'll share any news on the matter on this page, as soon as there are any. 


In the meantime, you can post an idea on our board that requests that the integration with 3rd party DJ apps gets reintroduced. You can learn how do to this here. The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see how popular a certain idea is with our users and helps us constantly improve the app. You can learn more about it here.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

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Come on, people!  Keep caring!  Don’t let up!

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I agree. Spotify please don't do this...


You need to get on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and @ them!  They won’t hear you here!


I'm afraid their silence is deafening. 2 weeks to go and Spotify have made no effort whatsoever to engage with us, so as far as I'm concerned they can go screw themselves.  Algoriddim made a full statement, and have already moved to Tidal and Soundcloud. Nothing will change now and frankly it is very very annoying that Spotify haven't had the courtesy to make any kind of proper announcement. The best you get is some 'have a nice day' reply on the forum from who knows who? Spotify criticise Apple for arrogance but behave in exactly the same way. i've had no response on Facebook or Twitter either. Moving forward,  I have found the trial with Tidal to be pretty good so far so that's where i'm headed.  I wont go to Soundcloud primarily because they have no Family subscription.


When you close your account make sure you tell them why. Close it via online chat or whatever. 


and when you cancel, tell them you will announce at every DJ gig you do that the music is from Tidal / Soundcloud or wherever you go and you will recommend them over Spotify. 


Removing support for Djay is a terrible a decision without even offering any additional paid service. I’ve been a Spotify user for years, I’ve really enjoyed it and recommended to people even as soon as last week but no more. I guess you’re not the company I thought you were. I use Spotify as a musician to digest and learn as a musician. I use it for my running tracks with my garmin but as I say no more.

Subscription cancelled as of today. 


The only way this changes is if there’s enough cancellations.


Kind of pisses me off honestly.  The only way to make change is to protest, sadly not enough people will actually cancel for fear of losing their playlists.

However, in the App Store for iOS look for an app called SongShift. It will convert your existing playlists over to another service like Tidal.  


I have converted about 60 or 70 playlists with one playlist song count at over 9000. It takes a while but it is functional. Depending on licensing it may not pull over every song but it will tell you what songs were not migrated.


For instance Shoop is licensed on Spotify but not title.


When I have converted everything and Spotify cancels/discontinues DJ third party support Ill cancel the family plan I have.


Spotify has made some changes that irritated me early on but this one has pushed me over my limit.  

— The disappointing thing is my last significant post fell on deaf ears. —


For reference here was that post.





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You use the link to migrate your playlists. It will do a count while migrating which songs have moved over and which haven’t.

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That’s very misleading. To be clear, this is 100% Spotify’s selfish decision. 

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Djay is also being quite misleading on this as well.

On their free trial there was no disclaimer about Spotify integration ending. As soon as I bought the djay app, there was a disclaimer at the bottom notifying me Spotify integration was ending. Quite sneaky...

Upon asking for a refund they said I must go through apple. Apple did not refund my money and I’m out $70 for a now useless (to me) app.

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There’s apple music option on djay pro....Does apple music works on djay pro?

I used Apple Music in djay pro years ago but unable to use it because of protection system by apple. This is the only reason i moved to spotify.


Apple music works but only when you bought the song from iTunes. Not tried a song from apple music exclusively but from itunes.


Does apple music work on djay pro (songs not from itunes)?

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I feel like djay is being misleading because they were mislead by Spotify.
I’ve spoken to representatives from both Spotify and Algoriddim. According
to both companies, this is 100% Spotify’s choice. I mean I started buying
this party system all around the fact that the two apps worked together.
$5000AU later now and I’m pretty **bleep** off hahaha. I don’t think they’re
gonna refund any of that. (EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOULD HAVE TO) I did buy all
of this because of Spotify and now Spotify has turned around and said they
don’t care that we’ve all been a premium customer for any amount of time.
They just hope we can find another solution that doesn’t bother them so
they can focus on doing podcasts and video streaming... excuses..
unfortunately every single client ever will have all of their music on
Spotify. So they’re just like “thanks for your money, now get over that

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I’ve spoken to employees from both parties. Spotify is dropping integration. It’s 100% Spotify’s decision. They don’t care because .01% of Spotify users are using djay while 99% of djay users use Spotify (and pay for it). 
We’re too small to matter to Spotify. 
Even if (like me) you heard that there were DJ controllers that could sink up with Spotify and you know every single client you ever have, has all of their playlists on Spotify and want you to dj that (I’m talking about weddings and birthdays and corporate events). 
So that sounds amazing so you get the controller, and a case and a stand, and speakers and a sub, and then lights to tie everything together. Then over $5000AU later you find out that the whole reason you started buying is now doing a dodgy and pulling out.
I’m. So. Angry. I. Don’t. Have. Words. 

This is no way to treat your customers. And I’m sure there has to be some pretty huge laws against doing this to protect consumers. If you were in Australia, you’d definitely get taken to court and the pants sued off you.
Remember when Sony updated their PS3 so people couldn’t make cheap supercomputers by linking a bunch of PS3’s together and using one operating system? Then everyone sued them and Sony had to pay everyone back for all the gear they wasted money on?? Hmmmmm....


DJay has always worked with your iTunes library - i.e. what you have purchased.  This issue is about integration with a streaming platform such as Spotify.  Yes, you need wi-fi/4G because it only works with Spotify streaming (not downloads) but it was still a great asset for DJs.  Anyway it will be gone in a couple of weeks and so will my Spotify account.  For the record, I have transferred to Tidal pretty much seamlessly.


yes it's very annoying but integration with a streaming service still exist. i guess Algorridm have done all that they can by teaming up with Soundcloud and Tidal - both of which work fine.


... and Beatsource and Beatport

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Unbelievable! Nearly 100 playlists, thousands of songs, recently bought a Pioneer specifically because it integrates with Spotify and you are now forcing us to go elsewhere. A friend just recently got a Spotify subscription for this exact feature!!  People are always amazed when I pull out the decks and a phone and can throw a whole party right there and then to whoever's taste. Forced to move to Tidal. Such a shame, genuinely thought I was going to have Spotify for the rest of my life. Thanks for the good times Spotify, good while it lasted.



I agree, if they don't fix this stupid decision, I'll move to Tidal...


What are your thoughs on Tidal or Souncloud with DJAY, neither of them are available in my country, but as soon as either one is available I will leave Spotify, any thoughs so far?