Spotify LIsten to WP8 customers!

Spotify LIsten to WP8 customers!


I know there are plenty of other posts about the issues of the app for Windows Phone. But, I will reiterate them. Why? Because WP8 is the 3rd major operating system in the world. While it may only encompass 3% of mobile usage in the world, it has been steadily growing. And, Microsoft is driving this with all their might. People are sick of Android and iOS issues. People are starting to look for other devices and something new.


So, with that being said, you need to step your game up Spotify. There are hundreds of posts on here in the community with Tens of Thousands of views, that's millions of dollars you are losing out on. I don't know who or how you make your financial decisions. But, you need to re-think your game plan or get some new staff. Last I knew, ever penny counts for a company to be financially succeful. You can pretend your company is all about the people, but that is a farse. The truth is you want money. We want music. You offer that service and are willing to pay. And yet, for whatever reason; you feel it's not neseccary to take care of all your customers with the same level of care as another.


Windows Phone is lacking:


-Playlist editing

-Radio Support

-External SD Support



I'm not a developer, I know little about coding for any device. However; you have a desktop program for Windows. Windows phone uses the same Kernel as Windows RT and Windows 8. One kernel..Thats supposed to make your life easier. Plus, Windows uses Native coding across the board, no JIT **bleep**. It's native, just like iOS(granted different language)..


What this boils down to, is if you are going to get off your overly pompus butt and get to supporting willing customers, or if you are going to keep ignoring money that's literally walking into your house and walking right back out. We have made a choice of an Operating System we like. It doesn't matter why we like it. It just matters that you support it. Pandora supports it. Xbox music is just as good of a service as you are. And, Microsoft is develpoing for Android and iOS ACTIVELY I might add! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! 


When will we as customers get a real answer? I imagine your Mods are getting sick of copying and pasting the same jargon day in and day out. I didn't see a single post from your company addressing a single issue that WP8 users bring to the table. Why??

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Xbox music is just as good of a service as you are. And, Microsoft is develpoing for Android and iOS ACTIVELY I might add! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! 


Then why are you even posting here? If its so amazing, why not just leave? I would. 


At the end of the day, applications take time and money to build and test, in a world where there is so much competition you have to choose your battles carefully. 3% market share is relatively tiny, if Spotify spent 100's of man hours on the platform and it turned out to be a flop then that is time and money wasted - it only becomes financially viable when the demand for it exceeds the cost of making it in the first place and those are decisions I doubt we can influence Spotify on. 


I want them to port the android application to BB10, I've asked and given them the facts (because very little work would be needed) but again someone has to be paid to maintain that application. Just because we want and expect something to happen, doesn't mean it always will unfortunately. 


I hope I am wrong, but having been around on the community for sometime Windows Phone updates are pretty rare. 

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I completely understand what you are saying. The reason I don't want Xbox music is simple, I have been using spotify for years now. I love it. Customer Loyaltiy. I love the interface on PC and Android. Yeah, I could leave, but I like Spotify... Although, a small side note, I did try to sign up with them recently but they have this weird error for my account that never goes away, so I can't pay for a premium with them.


The features of Spotify are amazing on PC, Android and iOS. The webplayer is a very nice touch for when you are at work or at a friend's house. Blackberry wouldn't need much to be brought over, you're right. Android 4.2.2 is now supported nearly fully on the Z10 and Q10, so a small tweak would make it work.


And yes, 3% is small. It equates to a few million phones. I have had WP8 for a while now. I know the updates for Windows Phones are rare. I have 2 Windows 8 PC's in my home, Android Tab and my gf has an iPhone. And Spotify has best support for Android, iOS and PC.. 


It's just so frustrating. The money is there. I don't want or need the free Shuffle stuff. I just want better support for premium users. Radio? Playlist Editing? and a little added Stability. Especially now with Microsoft buying Nokia. The OS platform is going to start gaining serious ground. It's grown so much since WP7 which only had a 0.9% market share..


But as I said, I understand. But to be a leader, sometimes you have to take a risk and innovate where others are afraid to.

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