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Spotify Low Quality - Google Home

Spotify Low Quality - Google Home






(iPhone X, Google Home, Hoogle Home Mini)


My Question or Issue

 Spotify for the last few weeks has been playing really really low quality via Google Home / Google Home Mini.
I have 100mbps internet so there is no issue on internet speed.
Google Home and Google Home Mini used to play in Extreme/Very High quality which I have it set to on my phone.

But for some reason in the last few weeks it just sounds terrible and tinny low bitrate.

Have tried unlinking and relinking my spotify to google assistant but that hasn't helped.

Is there some other quality settings i'm missing or work around?

Cache to clear ?

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I'm having the same problem.


I was considering buying a Google Home Max, but there won't be any point unless this gets sorted.

Same problem here. It was fine but now sounds like garbage.

Really low bitrate.


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