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Spotify Offline: Horrible poorly made Spotify app on Tizen Samsung Gear S3

Spotify Offline: Horrible poorly made Spotify app on Tizen Samsung Gear S3


I don't think there is much to be said about this... you can review the app on Samsung's Galaxy App store yourself. It has over 1000+ reviews with 2 stars. Its been pathetic and for the longest time Spotify has done nothing to fix this. 


I've been a premium member of Spotify for awhile now and I rely on my Smartwatch and bluetooth headsets to listen to music OFFLINE. Which is a feature I pay as a premium member. 


Whats wrong with it ? For more than a year now the app has trouble understanding offline playable music. Although I've downloaded the playlist it keeps telling me I need to be online to play it. On occasions I've done some tricks to make it work but lately it just hasn't worked. 


Closing the app and re-opening it:

Does not work. If I am in airplane mode the app just hangs and tries to look for connection. 


Turn on wifi then turn it off:

I turn on wifi the app will load depending if there is internet connection on the Wifi. If not, it will also hang. There seems to be no period where it gives up connecting and just loads the app as offline mode. If it does load, I will select my playlist and a song (which is pre-downloaded) The song won't play because it needs to be online... even though the song I select has been downloaded to the watch itself.


Turn on wifi with internet, select a song, pause, turn off wifi:

This makes OFFLINE mode work sometimes. Unfortunately for some reason unknown the time. So when I do this procedure at home (with wifi) then head to the gym (with no wifi) it no longer works and hangs because there is no online.


Conclusion: I shouldn't have to do all these hacks and tricks to get offline mode to work. I shouldn't get to the gym put on my bluetooth earphones and realize Spotify is hanging or music is unplayable becuase I'm "offline" for my entire workout. Its quite embarassing for this 32bilion dollar tech company to be unable assign a single engineer to fix offline mode for the Spotify tizen app. You have 1000+ users on Samsung app store that says your app is garbage. I think the most single important bug to fix is offline mode. If airplane mode is enabled or internet is not detected it should KNOW to default to offline mode and be play music that is already downloaded. Community, if you are using Tizen OS, have a gear S3, or have a gear S product which runs on Tizen please up vote this and share to twitter, facebook, and social media. Its time to get some VPs attention here.

2 Replies

Hey @bnwg,


We want to help you out as much as we can. First, make sure that you:

  • Reinstall app on the phone
  • Reinstall app on the watch
  • Re-pair the watch with Bluetooth

If that doesn't help, go to your account page, under Offline devices, and remove all of the devices. Keep in mind that this means you'll have to download your playlists again for offline listening, but we strongly suggest that you do that.


Keep us posted!



This doesn't fix anyting. The original post pretty much said all those steps were followed. The real issue is with the app which seems to get no love or attention.  My phone app updates on a weekly basis.  The spotify app for gear hasn't been updated since December 2017 and once you jump through the hoops to make offline work shuffle or repeat isn't even available.  The whole point of the app on a watch is too leave my phone at home whilst I go for a run.  But because this app has no one working anyone who owns with smart watch have to suffer.  And I woukd also wager that many people, myself included, bought this watch solely because of the spotify promise that Samsung see still bragging about with their new flagship watch. I feel like I bought a lie and it's pretty much all Spotifys fault a the rest off the watch is perfect. 


I'm not turning the app on and off again will fix this.....

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