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Spotify Original Podcast has ads on Sonos despite premium

Spotify Original Podcast has ads on Sonos despite premium


Premium (connected to a family subscription)


United Kingdom


iPhone 6S Plus, Sonos One

Operating System

iOS 13.3.1, Sonos 11.1


My Question or Issue

I started listening to a podcast called 'The Besties', it's a Spotify original so it's not available anywhere else.


When I start listening to the latest episode on my phone, the episode starts immediately with the hosts talking, and the length is 46:40. But when I use Spotify Connect to play on my Sonos One, the podcast starts with an advert, and the length changes to 49:14.


It's like Spotify is ignoring my premium subscription when it plays on my Sonos, although I haven't noticed this behaviour on any music or any other Spotify original podcasts. I checked and I'm definitely signed into the same account on both my phone and my Sonos system.


Is this a bug?

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To fix this, don't use Spotify to play to Sonos.  Use Airplay to your Sonos Speakers instead.  This should avoid the ads as Spotify won't know you're playing to Sonos.


That said, the quality might be less.

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