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Spotify Play Button only preview

Spotify Play Button only preview







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Windows 10


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Spotify Play Button doesn't seem to work anymore the way it did before, on any browser. Now, when you choose a track in the Spotify Play Button, you can only listen to the preview and the Spotify Player doesn't synchronize: is there something new?

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The play button is a complete clusterf*ck. I've had problems with it the last 2 years on my blog.


It used to connect directly into the Spotify desktop app so if you clicked a song on a playlist it would play in the desktop app, nice right?


Now it connects to the Spotify web service. It was broken before (you could click tracks and they wouldn't play in the app) and it's still broken (only plays previews). I've tested it in Chrome, Firefox and Safari on my Mac, it only works in Firefox and I'm logged into Spotify in each browser. If you have two or more playlists on the page you can start playing music music previews from each playlist on top of each other.


It's a mess and I'll probably remove the play button completely from my website soon because it hasn't worked in a long, long time.


If you're lucky you'll get a member of staff to reply saying this has been forwarded to the relevant team. It will probably take months to get fixed if you're lucky and then they'll probably break it again!

same on my blog. 

tottaly confusing

premium but no difference

it used to play all the songs without moving away from web only preview!

Fix guys

Hey @djfah@FranckPand@niallobr,


Thanks for reporting this. When sharing a song somewhere, you get a 30 sec. preview of it with the 'Play' button, but you can click on the title of the track to get to the Web Player, or to the Spotify app if you're using a mobile device. This is currently the main functionality. 


If there's anything you'd like to change about this, please feel free to add an idea to our Ideas Board. Other people will be able to find the idea and vote for it.


If you're still experiencing issues with this, we'd like to have some more information. Could you get back to us with a screenshot of how it looks when you've shared a song somewhere? Also, please specify exactly how you add a track somewhere, and where you add it (e.g. Messenger, copy-pasting etc.).







I have exactly the same issue. I follow the instructions from your documentation:


In the example one can see that we can create a player on the HTML file purely with generator (which gives me iframe code). 


So I have created one and added a code. Run in my Chrome browser (recent version). And... only preview is being played. Meanwhile, the example on the generator page:


Plays the full songs. And even on the docs page you wrote: 

For users who are not logged in on their Spotify account, the Spotify Play button plays a 30-second long audio preview, and then the users are prompted to either login or to sign up.


But I am logged in and have even Premium. So this seems to be broken. 


One additional note. When I open the src URI it works properly directly on the page. But not in the iframe...


EDIT: After some tweets exchange with @SpotifyCares I found out the issue is in the Chrome, but not in Firefox. Looks like there's something wrong with origins maybe, because the Play Button widget works fine on the Spotify pages (which are in the same main domain). Hope that helps devs to solve this mystery. 

same issue in internet explorer

even when open and logged in the spotify account, full play is not happening

when play full song in the web player, after logged in, still in the web site only preview

The play bottom in the web site plays preview and the player plays the full song at the same time

result play bottom code is not connecting properly with the spotify application

needs fix 

Anyone listening...


Hey @djfah and @Ivellios,


Sorry to hear that the play button doesn't seem to be working as it should. I'd recommend reaching out to the folks over here: Or, if you'd prefer you can tweet them at @SpotifyPlatform. They should be able to look into this more.


Actually I was tweeting with @SpotifyCares and now I moved to DM there.
Will see about that. As I have checked, the issue is with recent Chrome for
logged in users with player button on pages outside the domain.

I will write back here once I get some solid information from Spotify

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