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Spotify Playlists to Roku


Spotify Playlists to Roku

I spoke with Roku first to insure it was working correctly as I am not able to download my playlists onto my Roku for streaming to my TV. Roku is fine so they suggested it is a glitch with Spotify and to contact you about solving the problem. I have seen numerous complaints about this on Google so I know it is not isolated.

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They say it's roku that there trying to make a agreement with them
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I don't have a smart tv and a roku2

I don't have much else to say about this, except that I'm also disappointed that the Spotify app on Roku doesn't support playlists.


I've just signed up for Spotify again after a while, so I was pretty surprised and annoyed that this feature has been removed. Seriously, how long does it take to fix this?


Bah. Please do something about it, Spotify!


Not only doesn't it support playlists, but it doesn't support "radio" either (like artist radio or album radio).. they've been "working on it" for over 7 months now, and now they are blaming it on roku? why? did roku write their app for them?  this is rediculous.  Thankfully, I have a spare laptop that I have connected through hdmi on my tv for just this situation.. 

Right enough - don't know how I forgot about that, cos Artist Radio is one of my favourite things about Spotify. I've discovered so much new stuff using that.




This is not a solution for a hard wired Roku. Why Spotify thinks it reasonable to downgrade the connection speed for Roku devices to Wifi, therefore negatively affecting all applications on Roku (Netflix, etc) to accomodate their application is beyond me. I now intend to switch streaming music services.

12/20/17 - just looked at the spotify app on Roku and it now has a message that it will be unavailable 12/22/17 for maintenance and will new improved and fixed when it comes back online. I guess I'll believe it when I see it.


Guess this might be our Holiday Present.

December 22nd.....let's see.

haha! well see!!

Oh well. That sucks. I'm not buying another gadget or a new TV just for this!


Thanks for the heads up.


thats it...

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