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Spotify Playlists to Roku


Spotify Playlists to Roku

I spoke with Roku first to insure it was working correctly as I am not able to download my playlists onto my Roku for streaming to my TV. Roku is fine so they suggested it is a glitch with Spotify and to contact you about solving the problem. I have seen numerous complaints about this on Google so I know it is not isolated.

You don't stop laughing because you grow old, You grow old because you stop laughing!
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Haha yeah some smooth experience. I'm keeping my premium, just bc I use it on my phone and computer.. but yeah this issue needs to be fixed bc it's bs.

I have been in a chat with a Spotify agent for an hour about this.  So you mean to tell me if I call Roku they can fix this issue?

What good is spotify on roku if you have to type in and search for every song you want to listen to. 😞 I was going to use the TV as the primary way of listening to music. Is there any plan to fix and improve the roku spotify app? So far I've only read of degradating features.

Call them anyway!

The little man at ROKU is "sure" it's going to be resolved. Two minutes ago, via text. So we wait (??)


This is the most absurd thing ever, Spotify!  How much effort would it possibly have required to coordinate a Roku app update to correspond with your change in the playlist format?  THAT would have been a smooth experience.  As it is, Spotify's **bleep** poor planning shows through in stunning detail.  GET MY PLAYLISTS BACK IN THE ROKU APP, YOU WANKERS!

Hahahahaha what he said !

yeah im already not renewing my subscription. its been 2 or 3 months withouts playlists on my roku. im a pandora guy now

So **bleep**ty! I hate Pandora...But I may have to become a newb as well here in
a bit. Was having hope w Roku.

I've had enough, and I've cancelled my subscription.  Clearly Spotify/Roku are determined not to supply the service as advertised and don't care if they lose a portion of their income. Incidentally, and I know it's really off-topic, but the guys at Plex have withdrawn their folders option from their service because they "can't understand why people would want to organise their files into folders"!! Is a pattern emerging .................?? Bye-Bye Spotify.


Marked as solution

For Android users, you can use the new Smart View to connect to your Roku direction and stream the whole device (including audio) to your TV. It's working perfectly for me right now using a relatively old TV, and I can use my phone to control content.

Oh wow...

Again, still having issues with the playlist, but now, i can't even do a "search" without errors.  Got another response from Roku due to my issue...see below. It's looking like Spotify cut off support?


Dear M

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
We hope to work with Spotify to bring back support for Spotify playlists and the ongoing issues.

We appreciate your patience until such time.
Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to assist you and thank you for choosing Roku.

Roku Customer Support



This is ridiculous, the playlist feature is of the utmost importance especially since you can't cast music to the Roku or through the Roku! This needs to be fixed ASAP

No thanks to Roku, but I came up with a solution for my setup.  My Windows 10 computer is hooked up to by wire to my modem which is also wireless.  (My computer and Roku 3 share the same router, though only the Roku 3 is wireless).  The audio of my Roku3 is hooked into my stereo system so I can hear it (as well as Roku moviess) in surround sound.


  1. Open Spotify on my computer.  If your computer has speakers start playing a song just to know you’ve got that working properly.
  2. On my Roku 3, go to System, and select  Mirroring (Enable it)
  3. Back to my computer, go to “Type here to search” and enter ‘Project”
  4. Go to the “Project to Second Screen”, then I click the Duplicate button.
  5. Click on the text for "Connect to a Wireless Display".
  6. One of the devices should be your Roku, select that one.
  7. If all worked well you should now see the computer’s Spotify screen on your TV, but sound isn’t yet passing through to the Roku.
  8. On the bottom bar of your computer screen, right click on the speaker icon, and select Playback Devices.
  9. On the Sound popup window you should now see a “Digital Devices” choice, which may have never been present before.
  10. Select the ‘Digital Devices’ option, set it as the Default, then click OK.  The sound should stop coming from computer speakers, and switch to the Roku’s speaker system.
  11. I now have to make selections to play from your Computer, but at least I can play my Playlists through.  Takes a bit longer to set this up, but not bad if planning to play music for an hour

So I understand. This is not a one time fix but rather you must do this each time you want to listen to a playlist?
You don't stop laughing because you grow old, You grow old because you stop laughing!

Don't know why you'd take that feature away, easily the most popular feature and now it's gone.

Oh My so not cool, I'm operating 7 Roko's all with Spotify and the only function I use are my Playlists.. G*^F@^@#K Thanks.. Lets Bring the Playlist back...

It's a shame, I used to play music from my playlists and dance with my kids in the living room.  The Roku app was played as much as TV or Netflix in our house.  Unfortunately in it's current state it's barely a step up from useless, as finding music is pretty labourious and limited to artists, albums and tracks.  


I really dislike casting to the TV as well in general.  I hope Spotify can fix up the Roku app, just getting Playlists back would be enough for me.  Spotify is a great product and I am happy to pay my premium fee every month but the more devices we can use, the better it gets!

I just upgraded to premium specifically to be able to listen on my tv. Just one problem: It won't play ANYTHING unless I either play their"What's New" or "Top Tracks" lists or search for things individually. So... I either search one song at a time for what I want to listen to, or I listen to a bunch of garbage I have never heard of and have no interest in. Well... isn't this just a perfect waste of money?

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