Spotify Premium on Twitch channel


Spotify Premium on Twitch channel



I'm making this post because i'm a Twitch streamer and i would ask if is it possible to use my own Spotify Premium account to get some background music while playing and streaming 🙂
I'll wait for an answer ^^
thanks in advance,


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Casual Listener

The answer to your question is that it would be against Spotify's terms and service agreement to do so, since you pay for only a personal liscence.


In the words of 


"The law that is being broken here is the copyright infingement law. It is not spotifys job to enforce this. It is the owner of the copyright that must pursue litigation..."
In other words it is the musicians who are harmed by violation of this law, not Spotify, so that is why you have not recieved an answer.
@Spotify though, I see that this is a frequent question on your page though, and as a streamer myself and someone who sees many people stream music without permission, I think there would be a definite market for a higher-priced subscription that included compensation for artists for music played while streaming! Please might you consider a fashion to implement this solution?