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Spotify Premium works irregularly on my WD TV Live

Spotify Premium works irregularly on my WD TV Live

I replaced my old WD TV Live with the new model in order to have Spotify on it. It does however work only 1/3rd of the time. Most of the time it keeps searching without finding any tracks. Very annoying since it is a great feature with the optical out to my amplifier and tv interface. A google search does not give any hints of others having the same problem.


Does any of you have the same problem? I would also like to know what the problem is and if I can do anything to resolve it. By the way streaming on my iPhone or computer works just fine at the same time. Thx a lot!

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I have the same issue, and I have not found any solution.

I purchased WD LIve TV 2 weeks ago primarily for Spotify - but Spotify does not work at all.


Hangs frequently on the Filter screen.


If makes beyond this point and am lucky enought to select an Artist and get to a song the it hangs - never plays the song.


Have tried repeatedly at varios times of the day - but have not been able to play a single song 😞


All other apps work great like Pandora and Youtube - Spotfy is the only clugy application.


WD had me rollback firmware and forward again but did not make any difference w/ either release. 

WD says not with them since all other apps work.


I opened a ticket w/ Spotify support - will see what they have to say.


Spotify works for me great via PC.

I swapped out the WD Live unit and Spotify plays fine now - at least out of the box.  Have not done firmware upgrade or made other changes.

I have found that addings tracks to playlists is buggy on the Spotify App for WD TV live.  The reproducible bug that I have found is 


1.  Start listening to one of your playlists

2.  go back to the search feature and start searching for other music.

3.  Try and add a track to the playlist that is already playing in the background.  BOOM! end of use of Spotify until you pull out the power chord to reboot!  Very annoying bug


Once it is in this bug state no features work.  You cannot find tracks or view playlists or anything.  The only way to resolve is to pull the power out of the WD live unit and start again.   Note: pressing the red power button to power off does not resolve the problem.  You have to pull the power chord out.


My workaround is to manage playlists on my Android or IPAD and then only use the WD Spotify app for playing my playlists.  

My WD tv box has worked fine for months now it will not search, show what's new, or top list. Playlist are ok. All other devices on same network are fine.( iPad iphone). Opened a case with WD support.

Mine is the same has worked perfectly previously.

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