Spotify Randomly pauses during songs

Spotify Randomly pauses during songs








Samsung Galaxy S10+


Operating System

Android version 9

Spotify version


My Question or Issue

Hello everyone,


I'm currently having a issue with spotify that has only just started a few days ago.


My issue is while I'm connected to my cars Bluetooth spotify will randomly pause the song multiple times. It makes it quite frustrating to listen to music.


I have tried to solve the issue by doing the following:

  • Spotify App restart.
  • Phone restart.
  • Spotify App update.
  • Turned off photo data so Spotify is in offline mode.
  • Signed out of Spotify using the sign out all feature and logged back in.

Howevernone of the above has solved my issue. Any tip or tricks to solve this issue would be appreciated.



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Hey @VeeKai! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


The issue is not on your end.

This problem is already under investigation. Be sure to check, comment and vote on this ongoing issues thread to get more details about it. ^^


Have a nice day!


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