Spotify Squeezebox App hangs when playing certain tracks


Spotify Squeezebox App hangs when playing certain tracks


The Spotify App on my squeezebox touch and Squeezebox Radio will not play certain tracks. There is no error message, the name of the track comes up, but it doesn't play. I can play all these tracks on the Android App or on my PC.  It's not just tracks on my playlists, but tracks on the Spotify top 100, for example, or tracks I've found by searching using the Squeezebox App.


Some tracks seem to play reliably all the time, and others never play. 


It's not just the occasional track , it's a high proportion of the tracks I try to play. It makes it pretty much  unusable. Any ideas anyone?

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Casual Listener

I have the same problem.

For instance Alice in chains - Dirt, the whole record does not play.

I find more records via the squeezebox spotify app than in the PC software, but only the ones coming up on both PC and SB play.

That is strange, is it copyright issues ?

I´m in Germany, btw.

Joe Walsh - the smoker you drink... doesn´t play, like some of the James Gang records.

...Rides again for instance, i find several copies of that record, but only on plays.

That's pretty annoying, having to check which one is the correct one.

Offering something that I can not have is somehow nasty from spotify.

Or is that swedish humor ?

Did you find a solution ?



Same problem here in the Netherlands. It is very annoying. When playing a playlist it just stops on some tracks 😞


Love Spotify and bought the squeezebox especially for this. Because of this error I hardly use it anymore. A update on the squeezebox spotify app is hardly needed!!