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Spotify Stopped Working on Windows Phone

Spotify Stopped Working on Windows Phone

I've always had problems with spotify crashing on my windows phone whenever I put on a different playlist or tried to change the song. Even then I didn't mind much because I learned to work around the crashing -- it's until recently that it was a problem. It started to stop playing songs in the middle of the playlist and I had to wait a minute or so to play it again. After that it took forever to download 1 song, then it stopped downloading altogether. It even showed all of my downloaded playlists as not offline. The last thing is that spotify just refuses to open; I've uninstalled and reinstalled a few times but it's the same. I'm a premium member and it's no bueno that I can't use the offline feature on my phone (where I listen to spotify most of my time). Hopefully somebody has had the same problem and gotten around it. Maybe I just need to switch back to an android where it works better.



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