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Spotify User Connected to my Alexa Devices w/o Permission

Spotify User Connected to my Alexa Devices w/o Permission




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(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

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(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


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An avid Spotify user named Michael McMahon of Mile High Motion in Colorado, connected his Spotify account to my Alexa devices without my permission. He reached out to me saying he doesn't know how to disconnect my devices from his Spotify account & asked for my assistance in this issue. I am not on his Spotify account. There is nothing I can do and have wasted hours on this. I have tried deregistering and reregistering my Alexa devices to no avail. I have offered him the common sense solution of reaching out to Spotify customer support, but based on yesterday's DJ session that erupted throughout my house, beginning with the song "You Suck", I am going to guess he didn't take this stellar and efficient advice, sadly. So I am reaching out to you fine Spotify experts for assistance for him. 

Based on the fact that he can still & does serenade me with hate songs, that sadly I never took the opportunity of truly deserve receiving, this would bear out that my deregistering of my devices did not work. I barely know this person and it's unfathomable that I have no power to stop this on my end. According to Amazon's customer support, they have zero solutions for how this can be stopped on the Alexa end.  

Can anyone please help me help Mr. McMahon with this problem he created for himself? I would appreciate it. He clearly is just consumed with frustration with his inability to delete my devices from his account & taking it out on my poor unsuspecting Alexa devices, who are truly innocent in this - and I'm happy to do whatever I can to help him. 

Mr McMahon, myself, and my children appreciate any assistance anyone can offer in this disturbing first world problem. 

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I need to add - apparently he has tried to delete them, but they reappear in his list. I have seen other people discuss this problem as well, so it is apparently, an actual  problem. If not for this issue, this six week mistake I made would be long gone. Please help me make it go far away. 

Testing before creating a post. Hitting the Reply link takes me on an endless refresh.

I cannot believe Spotify has not addressed the issue you are having.  I am having a similarly frustrating issue, also involving the inability to remove devices from the Spotify "Connect to a Device" list. On my android phone it's no problem to remove devices, which at the very least should sync to my PC account but does not. On my PC, there are five Alexa devices that I need to remove, and I have found absolutely no way to do it after much research and trying all suggestions. Today it has reached a new level, as my (try to follow this) sister's spouse's mom's Alexa device is playing something, and if I try to play anything in my home it disconnects her and she restarts it. She has no idea why this is happening, I'm sure. There is no reason her device should be connected to my Spotify in the first place. None. If anyone finds any solution to removing devices, this is a big bug and Spotify should be addressing it.

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