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Spotify Web Only one artist left and 5 random albums

Spotify Web Only one artist left and 5 random albums


I'm using spotify web and since the display update all my artist except one for some reson disapeared. Same thing for my albums, I have only 5 left and they have nothing to do with the artist that's left in my artist section. All of my songs are still there but they won't appear in artist or album section. Even when I save a new songs it won't do anything. It's the same when I log on other computers.

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Hey @franfrandudu, I believe this is a change that is being pushed out to Your Music / Your Library users. When you save songs, they will now only appear in the Songs tab. Artists will only show artists that you are following, and Albums will only show albums that you have saved in full.

It's been tweaked this way so that it prevents the views from becoming overly cluttered with artists and albums that only contain a handful of songs.

Let us know if you have any further questions!

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