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Spotify Web Player - Songs stuck in Queue

Spotify Web Player - Songs stuck in Queue

 I am using the Spotify Web Player in Chrome.  Yesterday I loaded a playlist into my queue and listened for a while.  

Today, whenever I try to play a new playlist, the radio, or anything, it will play the first song in the play list I am loading up today, then moves on to play the songs from the playlist I was listening to yesterday.  All of these songs are somehow stuck in my play queue and I can't get rid of them.

I have tried clearing my brower data from the beginning of time, closing my browser, and logging out and logging back in and I keep getting the same error.  I'm so frustrated.

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I just found a fix...  The "X Clear Queue" option wasn't available when I glanced at my play queue.  It showed up and after I clicked it, it seems to have resolved it.  

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