Spotify Web Player won't play anything

Spotify Web Player won't play anything

Like others have mentioned, when I clink the play button to start any track, nothing happens. It worked fine on Friday, I come into work on Monday and no more working web player. 


I've tried on both Firefox and Chrome, clearing all cookies & temp files to no avail. I am at work & don't have the ability to download anything, so the web player is the only option I have. 

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I have the same issue and have tried it on Edge as well with no success.

Try to reinstall your webbrowsers and look if nothing blocks the application.

Mayby you have a ad blocker installed?

What worked for me was using the Spotify app on my phone to listen to a song. I opened the Spotify web player at the same time & got a green bar at the bottom saying that I was currently using Spotify on my phone. I closed the phone app, clicked the Connect to a Device button next to the volume control in the lower right corner of the browser window, clicked This Device (or whatever it says exactly) and finally, music after weeks of nothing! Hope this works for some of you too.

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