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Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Player

So I log into Spotify web player because I have a chromebook and can't download spotify onto it, and I go to and it says "it's a bit empty in here..." even though I have over 200 songs on it. I've reloaded the page, restarted my computer, closed the page completely and opened it again, and none of those worked. I had the same problem before but all I had to do was close the page and open it again. I know that I can just clear the cache but I don't want to have to guess my password because I haven't had to memorize it lately. Help me.

Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 9.42.07 AM.png
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Oh my god it's back. Right after I posted this I went back to spotify and reloaded the page and all my songs are back. I hate my life sometimes but what a relief.

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