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Spotify Windows Phone Crash/ Bug

Spotify Windows Phone Crash/ Bug

I have had spotify premium on my windows phone for a couple of weeks now and it doesn't seem to like me. I log in and go to my playlists and it just dissappears and takes me back to the homepage. I have reinstalled the app with no avail. Is anyone else havig this issue?



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Hey Wayne! Welcome to the community 🙂 


I am going to pop this over into the "Other" section since that is where Windows Phone issues normally go.

What version of Windows Phone are you using 7.x/8?



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I'm having exactly the same issue. Just got a new Windows 8 Phone and when I load Spotify and click on my playlists it goes back to the home screen. Searching for music works and I can play that way.


Any suggestions?





Yep same problem here.


To the point where the app is almost unusable and I am now considering canceling my premium account and moving to another service

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