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Spotify Won't Open on Win7, Nor Will it Uninstall

Spotify Won't Open on Win7, Nor Will it Uninstall

So basically I tried to open my spotify from everywhere, the taskbar (the usual place), start menu, original folder. When I double click it, it highlights on the taskbar and slowly fades away into showing that its not open. I look through the task manager and it shows that multiple spotify tasks are running. I end all the spotify processes and then try opening spotify again and it does the same thing. I thought I can try reinstalling it but I can't get it to uninstall. I go to uninstall a program in control panel and click uninstall, but nothing happens. I try it again and it says wait for the current program to uninstall. Keep in mind that no uninstalling window showed up. I've already restarted my computer, and the web player does indeed work, however I don't like that version. I am a premium user through family plan.

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SOLUTION: go to your file location, probably C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Spotify

Change your Spotify.exe filename into Spotify2 for example. Now go to your desktop and right click spotify and go to "properties". Choose the shortcut menu. Now change the target name to Spotify2 ( or whatever name you changed it into). The "start in" should lead to the correct file location by default ( roaming/spotify). After I applied these changes it worked for me, after being unable to even uninstall spotify.

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