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Spotify Won't open on my ps4!

Spotify Won't open on my ps4!

I can't open the app on my ps4. It not pass the spotify logo with the Grey background. But if i use my android to listen on the ps4 it will play the songs but the app do not start... Need help please! 

*sorry for the bad English 😅

5 Replies

Hey @GhostSnow, welcome to the Community!


How long has this been happening for? Does restarting the app make a difference? You can also try removing the app from your PS4 and installing it again.


Let us know if that helps.

I've tried everything. Restart the app, the console, removing the app and
then installing again, logging out from the browser and then
reconnecting... Nothing works and this is happening since I made the

Same for me. 

Hey bro, you need to contact the PlayStation support. Only they can help with this problemp which is that you probably  had an premium account before that you don't use anymore and that's what causing the problem with Spotify and PSN accounts. 

Try this : If you have extended memory plugged in, safely unplug it and restart PS4. Then try to download and install it to the console hdd. If that works, then safely reconnect the extended memory. If you are prompted to delete one of them, pick the one in extended memory to delete. If you're as lucky as I was, then problem solved!

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